Museum of Menstruation

The title says it all.

Neither pointless, nor mundane, but where else do I post this? Happens to most ladies of a certain age. Why not have somewhere where folks can talk about it?

I loved this, from the dictionary section:

I’m reading the jokes from the humor section out loud and grossing out my co-workers.

What did the mother vampire say to her children when she was on the rag?

Soup’s On!!!

Just had a quick spin through the FAQ page and learned a little about Mr. Finley, and I have just one thing to say:

This guy CANNOT have ever gotten laid in this life.

I have a story about the Museum of Menstruation.

My friend and I used to play a game whereby we’d send each other links to bizarre websites. He’d score a point with Hats of Meat, I’d counter with Goatse or Tubgirl. This went on for months. Usually, it was clear that he was winning.

And then I sent him a link to the Museum of Menstruation.

He told me that the game was over, I had won, and that he would never click on another link I ever sent him.

Champion for life! Woot! :smiley:

I work in a museum, and in our collection, we have dozens of bizarre and sorta gross items which I find absolutely fascinating. Yes, we do have items relating to menstruation, as well as old contraceptive devices, medical quackery and myriad other oddities.

I’ve always wished we could have an exhibit of these items, but have been met with firm resistance to the idea-- people may be offended. It’s not “family friendly.”

I, for one, think the Museum of Menstruation is pretty cool. Where else can a person go who’s curious as to what our great grandmothers did without Tampax? It is a valid part of our history, and, personally, I’ve always found learning about how people lived to be far more interesting than old guns or whatnot.

I’ve met and spoken to a local artist who has an entire collection of menstrual art. When it’s her time of the month she retreats to her menstrual hut and makes art out of…well…you know what she’s using for paint, right?

She seems perfectly sane otherwise.

A local college had a class called something like “The History of Technology and Women”
I don’t recall exactly-- but there were about 15 students, most of them male, and seemingly of the type who assumed that the class would appeal to women, and ended up being dissappointed. For one of their projects, they had to look up patents dealing with products used before Tampax, and also look up in the New York Times advertizing for such products. How do you say “Ladies, you need to buy this product, it will make your life much easier” if you can’t use any words which might tell someone what the product is? And how do you look such stuff up online if the key words one would use today were not used then?

The description, both of the course, and of the reactions from the young men were fascinating. ( I don’t think I ever got around to looking up the materials for my own curiousity)

Here then, is what I was talking about.

Featured at the Donn Roll Contemporary Museum in Sarasota, Fla., in 1996 was Ms. Charon Luebbers’ Menstrual Hut, a 6-by-6-by-5-foot isolation booth to symbolize the loneliness that society has forced upon menstruating women. Accompanying it were 28 canvasses created by Luebbers’ pressing her face into whatever discharge was present in each of the 28 days of her cycle for one month, to show the contrast.

From the site

There was a similar issue with contraception. The Comstock Laws made illegal selling products through the mail which were intended for contraception or abortion.

You see clever euphamisms used. Douches were used for killing “germs”. Diaphrams were sold as “uterine supporters”. Condoms were for preventing disease, only.

Abortificatiants were often called “Ladies’ Pills” and there would be a warning in the ad, “Pregnant women should not take three of these pills or immediate abortion will result.”

There’s a great book on this subject: “Devices and Desires” by Andrea Tone.

I think that site’s really neat.

My poor grandmothers and great-grandmothers. How did they do it???

I know that I’m the Gay Guy with the Positive Attitude About Menstruation, but I still don’t get it. How’s this conceivably in the same league with Tubgirl or Goatse?

The only way I can describe it is thus: Everybody poops.

Not everybody bleeds from their genitals.

…She has a menstrual hut?

Personally, I like the Bad Juju Tabu of menstruation, always fascinated me.

I don’t mean to say I like the bad tabu Juju, but rather the female cycle has always fascinated me and I have always wondered why it has remained unaccepted. I always feel strangely privileged when I overhear details of this fact of life.

He’s not as big of a nerd as you probably expect. I had a nice email exchange with him about four years ago. He seems pretty normal. He just has a somewhat unusual hobby.