Music for thundering along in a tank?

Tanks for the Memories?

The theme song to Patton.

“The Imperial Theme” from Star Wars.

“Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode. That bass line was made for armor.

Jeez, haven’t you guys ever seen Kelly’s Heroes? You play “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” and “All For The Love Of Sunshine” when driving your tank into battle.

Always with the negative waves, Moriarity, always with the negative waves!


Damn, beaten to my favorite movie evar! Damn you, Stranger! We shall meet again!

Beethoven’s 9th?

I was a primary contributor to that thread, and I endorse the bands listed therein, but some of them are just too fast and not thundering enough.

The ultimate rolling tank song? Slayer, “War Ensemble.”

Everything’s Cool, Pop Will Eat Itself

I think I’d like to go for something quite brutal and beaty like loops of Fury by the Chemical Brothers, or alternatively, something light and fluffy; maybe Close to you by The Carpenters.

I agree with Civil Guy but with a refinement. Here’s what I do in my car when wanting to compete with the “bassers” at a stoplight–I often keep the last minute (finale) of *The 1812 Overture * on “pause” in my cd player and when the occasion arises, I turn the radio off and the cd it “on” and crank it up. The percussion blasts can shake my Frod Fucus. What I want to do is burn that final minute onto a cd so it fills a whole cd so I wouldn’t have to keep it on pause. Got some thumbs up (no other digits yet).

Musipal by Wagon Christ.

Listen to it, visualize the tank rumbling through a muddy field, and you’ll know what I mean.

Nah, that’s for battleships. (Seriously, there’s a recording where the cannons used are those on the USS New Jersey!)

Really, the music you pick should be influenced by why you’re driving the tank.

If you’re a crazed lunatic tearing up the city streets on your way to blow up city hall because you got a parking ticket, then Breaking the Law by Judas Priest is a must.

If you’re just smashing things up to create general havoc, then Physical by Nine Inch Nails is a good choice. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool is another.

Doing a “Fuck you!” to invading aliens or other despicable enemies? You’ve Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest.

The last surviving member of a combat group, going to avenge the death of your fallen comrades? Screaming for Vengance by Priest, possibly Eat Me Alive by them as well.

Laibach’s cover of Sympathy for the Devil is a good one for WWII action.

If you’re in a crippled tank, unable to do much, then Rocket Launcher by Bruce Cockburn is a good one.

As you crest a hill and open fire on massed enemies, O Fortuna from Carmena Burana by Carl Orff is great (even if the lyrics don’t match what you’re doing).

Oh, what was that piece the tank guys were playing in that segment in Fahrenheit 9-11? “We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker . . .”

How about Purple Haze by Mr J. Hendrix?

Another one: “Holiday” by Green Day. Good stuff for tanks.

For a large formation cav charge (dunno if they even do that in tanks anymore) play the Rohan theme from Lord of the Rings.

For a pitched climactic tank battle, preferably at night in torrential rain, O Fortuna or Lux Æterna.

While trundling down a road, “Oklahoma”, preferably sung enthusiastically off-key by the tank commander or the driver through an open hatch. Bonus points if you do this while driving towards a tornado.

In the meantime, get some Helmet.

As Oddball on a tank, I mean Stranger On A Train beat me to Kelly’s Hero, I would like to present this for the Immigrant Song. Viking Kitties.


That’s a good idea, but if I were going to play Slayer while driving a tank, I’d want something slow and rumbly, like “Skeletons of Society.” :slight_smile: