Music groups with openly gay members?

Neil Gust of Heatmiser.

Doug Pinnick of King’s X

Then there’s that gay Teletubby…

Yes, but he’s back with them now and touring. Or at least was recently.

Yes, but then he rejoined just a couple years ago.

Jann Arden, she doesn’t hide it, but most people don’t know

The members of Bronski Beat.

In the case of Queen, yes. While Freddie played the ‘catch me as you can’ game he never openly acknowledged his orientation until the early 80s when Frankie Goes to Hollywood became popular. I can recall the interview where he was asked about them and he dismissed their being gay making them ‘special’ because he’d done all that already.

He proclaimed he was bisexual in the 70s.

B-52s, of course

An English group called Boyzone, which was a one-hit wonder AFAIK

There are perpetual rumors about members of several boybands (NSync, Backstreet Boys, etc.) but nothing ever confirmed.


Pete Townsend of the Who is gay

John Lennon was bisexual

Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates is gay

Peter Allen is gay

Cole Porter was gay

Insane Clown Posse mostly gay (but deeply closeted)

She came out in the 90s, I think.

Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros.

Ma Rainey was bisexual, as was Bessie Smith; they may have been lovers.

Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre and Bikini Kill.

David Bowie’s bisexual, of course. I think Lou Reed may be as well.

Oh, and a couple members of Sleater-Kinney are lesbians, I believe.

Pete Townsend lives with a girlfriend at the moment. He may be bi, but I don’t think he’s out, if so.

The rumors about Lennon and (definitely gay) producer Brian Epstein go way back (see indie flick The Hours and Times for a fictional take on their possible brief affair), but I’ve never heard it confirmed.

Pete Townsend of the Who is gay


So, I guess Rachel Fuller must be a man, then?

Unlikely. Townshend has often dropped hints, and once impulsively spoke about his “gay life” in an interview, but subsequently claimed this was misinterpreted, and has more or less denied being gay or bisexual.

With Lennon there’s nothing to go on but dubious rumors, and the OP was asking for openly gay artists.

RE Townshend it appears you are correct

A story of child porn, drugs and rock’n’roll

Was that during the almost thirty years he spent with his girlfriend Sara Allen, with whom he had a son?

Chuck and John Panozzo were the rhythm section of Styx.

Drummer John died a few years back, and bassist Chuck came out of the closet shortly afterward. Chuck also acknowledged publicly that he has HIV, but says medications have kept it under control pretty well.

I don’t KNOW that John was gay, but since there’s definitely a genetic factor in determining hjomsexuality, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Oh, since I didn’t mention it in the earlier post, CHuck and John Panozzo of Styx were identical twin brothers. So, if Chuck is gay, it’s not unlikely John was, too.

As for Daryl Hall, I recall reading a Hall & Oates interview in Rolling Stone about twenty years ago, in which the reporter asked if Daryl Hall & John Oates were lovers. Darryl admitted having some bisexual tendencies, but said he hadn’t been involved with a male in many years. And, he added, if he WERE still actively bisexual, he still wouldn’t be attracted to John Oates, who he said (with a straight face) “isn’t my type.”

Leslie Gore, which I guess means now it’s Johnny’s turn to cry.

Daryl admitted to a homosexual experience in his teens.