My 30-day trial ends tomorrow

When I first came here I thought “Pft, what nut would pay to use a message board?” Then I signed up and holy shit this isn’t just any message board, it’s the BEST EFFING BOARD ON THE INTERNET. You guys are awesome. You guys frequently make me feel stupid. But that is part of your awesomeness.

After my finals are over I’ll be looking for a job again, and once I get one I WILL BE BACK >:[


Yeah, mine ends tommorow as well.

But i’ll probably be back within the next few months.

Come to the darkside…

When come back, bring pie.

Yes, this is probably the only message board where you can ask a question about LaGrange orbits or the philosophy of Spinoza and get about 6 answers in ten minutes. (ALL correct too!!!)

Plus the reality TV discussions are always snarky good fun. :smiley:

Woo hoo! More people! :slight_smile:

Plus there are kitties. :smiley: :smiley:

Where else can you find out the caloric content of semen or what happens to it when you pan fry it?

I’m just sayin…

Hurry back.

Mine doesn’t end until 7th October - i must remember to sign up properly!

How much does it cost for a year? I haven’t worked out how to find that out yet.

And if semen is OK as fish food. :eek:

It’s just $14.95 for a whole year.

oh thankyou :slight_smile:

it sounds even cheaper in sterling :slight_smile:

bookmarks thread so she can find it again

No need to bookmark, I believe there’s a link to it on the front page :]

Ahh, I will miss this place. Will I be able to afford the subscription as a starving art student? I suppose I’ll have to ;O

You can always continue to read the boards during your financially-imposed sabbatical.

Don’t I recall that there was a member that was offering to pay for a few peoples subscriptions? Seems like it was only about six months or so ago.
Damn memory!
In any event, please remember to come back. We’ll miss you. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it here, guys. Come back soon!

OOH, OOH…That’s my birthday.

Sign up and we’ll grow old together!

If you want I’ll pay for your subscription. I had mine bought and I have been meaning to pay it foward

… should be running out aaaany time now. Tick tick tick. Bye everyone :3

MannyL - thanks a lot for your offer, but I really couldn’t take money from a stranger. But people like you are definitely one of the reasons the Dope is awesome.