My 30-day trial ends tomorrow

I was sitting there debating whether or not to pay for a membership up until literally the 11th hour when it went to a paid subscription. Best 8 bucks I ever spent. I love this place.

takes not of the new Member title under csharpmajor’s name

Looks like someone’s got a benefactor. And no, 'twasn’t me. But, congrats!

Erk. Thank you! :eek:

Now, this brings up an interesting question. Shall I study for my art history exam, or shall I read the SDMB?


Welcome csharpmajor !!!
Now that you are a genuine message board Doper™, you will find even more information. You’ll learn:
• How to get free HBO
• The real story behind the JFK assassination
• How to make $1,000,000 per week by taking 5 minutes of your time to set up a one page website …

Okay, I won’t give away all the secrets. :smiley:

And please don’t mention the goats…

Welcome csharpmajor!!!

MannyL- Nice goin’!

On good days, reading the SDMB is studying for art history examinations.

Wekcome, csharpmajor! Good to have you aboard!

I don’t think it was me. I came back to this thread and saw he decined my offer but was upgraded to member.

I’m still trying to pay my sub foward so if any guests need a sub and can’t afford it right now I’ll take care of one of you.

This thread is one of many to bear that statement out. And now that you’re a full-fledged member, you’ll be able to plug in a key term (as I searched for “Edward Hopper” just now) and find posts on just about any topic imaginable!