My daughter is getting bitten at night! Help!

Kind of an off the wall suggestion, but could they possibly be hives, and not bug bites at all?
We had a situation where my niece was waking up complaining of itching, and was constantly scratching “bug bites”… Only happened to her, did not even happen to other people who slept in my niece’s bed.
Then she spent a couple of nights in a sleeping bag in the living room (as part of a sleep over) and all of a sudden the “bug bites” were gone.
They returned when she went back to sleeping in a bed, and persisted even when she slept in her parents bed. Eventually someone noticed that they were kinda flat on top and looked vaguely like hives.
We finally traced it to the fact that they were using a different fabric softener on the sheets and towels then they did on the regular clothes… (or a second form of fabric soften or something, apparently they are big into soft sheets). Yhey changed softener, and the problem went away (it returns from time to time when she stays in a hotel, or visits someone elses house, but now that we know the source of the problem, it can be solved with some benedryll at night). Only my niece has this particular sensitivity/allergy, so she was the only person in the house who was affected, and had they moved during that time, I’m sure the problem would have followed her.

**Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor ** - I plan to try that next weekend. But it would still be nice to find out what this is first.

Mangetout - I have gone into the room while she is sleeping and poked around. I haven’t seen anything the couple of times I’ve done it, but I might have to be more aggressive with my investigation. Also, the bites she is experiencing tend to be in uncovered areas, not around the elastic of her pajamas.

Kalhoun - We have had a dog for 5 years. This started about a year or so ago, so I don’t think it is the dog. But, at this point I’m not going to rule out anything. For now, my plan is to inspect her and her room a few more times during the night, fumigate next weekend, and if this still persists get the dog completely cleaned at a vet. After that I’ll call a professional extermination service.

Jonathan Woodall - Spiders were my first thought. We get A BUNCH of spiders in and around our house. Both houses, actually. In this new house we were killing 3 or 4 spiders a day. But, they were all in the downstairs portion (the bedrooms are upstairs) and no one else is getting bitten. I have torn apart the room looking for any evidence of spiders, but I’ve not seen anything. It is still a thought, though.

Pandora - My wife does that laundry, so I can’t say for certain if she uses different detergent/softener/whatever for the sheets than for regular clothes. However, the bites or reaction or whatever this is occurs for a short period of time, then will stop, then will come back. It could match up with when the sheets are changed on the bed, but it hasn’t seemed that way. If anything, the outbreaks seem to occur when the sheets need to be changed. This last part makes me think the sheets are getting reinfested so maybe just more frequent washing will help clear this up.

I’ll keep checking back, so keep the ideas of what to check coming!

I second the Hives suggestion. I had hives for years and didn’t realize it. I’d wake up in the morning and there would be a 6 to 8 inch line of tiny red whelps across my torso. Not every night and not just in one spot. We bugBombed, changed sheets, changed mattresses… nothing helped. DeHusband would joke that I was allergic to tiny ants walking across me during the night. I had them rarely growing up then more often after marriage. Turns out my little hives were caused by heat. They were more common after marriage because DeHusband has a waterbed (with a heater).

The next time she wakes up with whelps, mark them with a kid-friendly marker or pen. Hive will move or grow. Bites stay in one spot. Also, if after major fumigation and the whelps come back, take her in to her pediatrician and see is she can be tested for allergies.

I vote for Hives too. I have hives and the itching always is worse (or seems worse) at night. I too wake up with tiny blood spots on the sheets and “bite marks” on my skin. Are any of the “bites” in locations that she could NOT reach to scratch? Like in the middle of her back? That might rule out hives.

Is there any associated leg cramping or muscle pain thereabouts? If so, it may be similar to a malady my sister contracted when she was young. If there is are any such symptoms, I’ll dig up what I have on it.

You haven’t sang;
“Good Night, Sleep Tight
Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite”
For her, have you! :dubious:
And did you think I was joking about the zits (#11, or so)? It could have been hives my grandaughter had. I don’t know. Never had that.
It sure sounds like she might have something systemic.

caveman - no leg cramping, but thanks for the suggestion.
mangeorge - my game with my kids is “Have sweet dreams!”. Then in the morning I ask if they had any dreams. If they didn’t, I put them back to bed. So… I guess I’ll have to start telling my daughter to avoid those bedbugs! Besides, she NEVER has any dreams! I apologize for not responding to the zit theory. In this case, I really don’t think this is zits. They certainly don’t look like the zits I had when I was a teenager. Also, she is only 5 so it is highly unlikely. If this does continue, she will be seeing a doctor, and hopefully he will be able to identify this one way or another.

No harm at all, sixor9. I just realized my reply might’ve seemed a little odd. What she (my granddaughter) had wasn’t very common.
Your daughter’s story sounds just like my granddaughter’s. Especially the part about the attacks being sporatic, but persistant when they do come. Also the description. Her’s would have little red “bumps” in the center, sometimes shiny, which would often kinda erupt and leave small blood spots on her bedding. And they did itch.
Good luck with your kid, who probably does dream :slight_smile:

Hmm, If you think shes allergic to the bedding, cut out a small square of the fabric, tape it to her torso with a band aid. If shes allergic hives/whelps will develope under it. Might save you a trip to the doctor.

Subcutaneous puppies?
Sorry. Sorta. :wink:

Iceland would like to point out he is not responsible for producing bites on a girl

On this occasion :cool:

Hi Sixor9,

I know your post is from a long time ago but I am experiencing the exact same problem and wondered what you did to resolve this problem.

I would really appreciate any help.


He has not posted here in eight years, but maybe other people have new ideas.

Thanks, I’d appreciate any advice from anyone with a similar problem.

You might have better luck starting a new thread with the specifics of your situation. Many people will see this is a zombie thread and move on.

Good luck.

Hang garlic at each entrance to the room. That should keep the Vampires away at least. The Zombies are a different matter.

In the eight years since I wrote that, those modern flea medicines no longer work and fleas are again a problem. Has anyone else noticed that? I’ve tried all the major brands of once-a-month pills and our pets still have fleas.

Generally speaking, the stuff you can readily buy at the grocery store isn’t nearly as effective (or safe) as the stuff you can get from a vet. Along those lines, I recommend Revolution brand, which as a nice bonus, also takes care of heartworms, as well as fleas and ticks.

topicals like Advantage II still work pretty well on fleas on dogs. It cannot be used on cats (if you like your cats).

Hi I did you ever find out what was biting your daughter? I’m going through the exact same thing with my little girl! Heelp :persevere: