My Friend's Son Has a Weird Crawl

My daughter never went through the crawling or “cruising” stage at all. At about 16 months she started scooting around on her backside, and she wasn’t walking unaided until about a week before her second birthday. Now at 29 months you can’t stop her running around.

By all means mention it, but kids do things in different orders. Mine could count to 20 and talk in sentences but still not walk. Other kids younger than her were running and climbing but hardly talking.

Anecdote (likely irrelevant?):

In rural Thailand it’s common to sit on the floor even when chairs and tables are available. When I was still new here, a family came to visit mine. The very young son seemed quite healthy, strong, alert, yet had a weird way of moving along the floor, perhaps similar to what OP describes.

I observed him in confusion, wondering if I should ask his parents about it. While pondering this, the father (intelligent, healthy, good job, etc.) sidled his way a few feet to take a toy from our toy cabinet.

The father’s seated “crawling” was identical to that of his son. :smack:

Especially since the kiddo just turned one, there’s probably a pediatrician appointment due anyway for a general check-up, shots, etc. So it’s certainly worth mentioning for peace of mind since you’ll be in the office anyway. That’s why the doctor asks “Anything else you have questions about?”

That said, it’s probably nothing and just babies being weird.

My oldest two nephews were side-winders… they never crawled traditionally. It’s always good to talk to the pediatrician. But I think it’s just fine.

I’m told I never crawled either, but for different reasons: as the first kid of my generation in the family with a lot of aunts and uncles and teenage cousins, whenever I started ineffectually flopping in a direction, there was always somebody around to pick me up and carry me where I wanted to go. :smiley:

Edit: OP’s friend should probably get the kid checked, the wonky knee may be a symptom of something that will be a problem when he starts walking.