My kitty got winterized.

So did you find the idiot that dumped his/her anti-freeze out in the gutter?

Really sorry about Morgan

(b)Inigo(/b), I’m so very sorry for your loss. I had an old cat ‘Missy’ that lived to 19 years despite Chronic Renal Failure.

My thoughts are with you darling. Take care of yourself.

Dying/dead cats stories always make me sad. I feel like a loser for saying this, but I’m still not completely over my cat Ziggy’s horrible death a few years ago. He fell out of a six story window, into a flower bed. We were best friends at the time.

I know I’m a big baby for still holding on to the idea of a “cat heaven”, but I can’t help it. I need to feel like our furry, triangle-faced friends go on to a happy place when they disappear. A land made out of kitty litter and carpet where mice and birds abound, and Deli Cat rains from the sky.

And lots of hideously expensive, beautiful furniture to pee on and scratch up :slight_smile:

You forgot the huge baskets of clean laundry to nap and roll in and coat with hair.

The very same thing happened to my dog of seven years when I was thirteen. Comforting is the knowledge that Morgan isn’t suffering anymore. Lots of hugs and good wishes your way, Inigo. :frowning:

Since this seems to be a not uncommon problem, I wonder why some company hasn’t come up with a non-poisonous antifreeze, or at least a non-attractive-to-animals antifreeze.

There are pet safe/friendly antifreeze. Do you use them in YOUR car?

Most people that do not have pets do not use pet safe antifreeze. That is the actual risks to your pet if they go outside and happen to get out of “your” enclosed space.

If you are not using pet safe antifreeze, you can be part of the problem if you do not change your antifreeze at a dealership or other recycle place.

I’ve never even seen pet safe antifreeze. Where do you get it?


May you make pet’s safer for using it. :slight_smile: