My mom, I love her but she needs to stop sending me this crap

Heh. This has always been my approach, and I’ve found it wildly successful.

Obliterate ignorance, by any means. And all.


Hah, my favorite is when a chain mail includes the line “SNOPES VERIFIED!”

And then when you look it up on Snopes, it’s verified to be a hoax :smiley:

A friend from college recently sent me a chain mail recently written by a professor at Texas A&M talking about how McDonalds plans to buy beef from South America because it’s cheaper. I looked it up on Snopes real quick, and it’s a hoax email from 2002. I send the link back to my friend, and she forwards a reply from her sister saying that she’s met the guy who wrote the email, and points out that Snopes is controlled by the Media and shouldn’t be listened to.

Bwuh? Gotta say, I’ve never heard of Snopes being controlled by the Media, and a Google search found no evidence to indicate that it was. I’m just starting to think less of my friend’s sister and her professor by the end of the day.