My Mom is slipping away. She's barely there now

So sorry to hear this is happening. My family went through something almost exactly the same a couple years ago. It’s never easy and losing them to dementia/Alzheimer’s is somehow worse.

Eventually you will only think of the good memories of her.

My condolences on your loss. May her memories be a blessing.

Have people noticed that it’s @eenerms who posted a loss here, not the OP who is @What_Exit?

I posted on Oct 2 for the OP. I feel the pain of @What_Exit .

I’m so sorry, @What_Exit, this must be very hard on you. My mom is fading mentally, and is neither in good health nor in any imminent risk of death. It’s a weird and awkward situation. My mom is the person most upset at her failing mental faculties.

Anyway, do what you need to do. And best wishes.