My neighbor wants my Pitbull vs his rottie!

My neighbor, who’s a dumbass bastard, one time unleashed his huge Rottweiler to pounce on my Pitbull tied under a tree. The two canines had one hell of a fight, but his rottie got the upperhand tearing on my dog. None of us dared go near to stop them from killing each other. My pit didn’t chicken out and even got a mouthful on the Rottie’s neck even if he was pinned down. As a matter of fact, my dog even wanted to fight more having had blood smeared all over his face. The Rottie soon looked tired as it gasped for air and bit less, but my dog just seemed to love it and wanted to finish off the stupid Rottie. My dog-brained neighbor’s ‘ambush’ only proved futile and felt that he lost the fight, and his pride. He wants a ‘rematch’ - my Pitbull versus his Rottie, next week, in his backyard farm, many miles from where we live, no other people except him, a couple of guys, and me.
Should I take his challenge? I know my dog will have fun killing his Rottie. I’m fed up with this asshole - and his stupid dog. What should I do?

Yeah, do it! Take pics and post links!


I would have gotten my rifle and shot the agressive canine. Then again I’m the type of person who’d care enough about his dog not to leave it tied to a tree in the front yard.

If you actually care about your dog maybe you shouldn’t take him to fight another dog.


NASCAR and the WWE not entertaining enough these days?

What the fuck is wrong with people?


'cos I’m feeling generous today I’m gonna try and phrase a proper answer.


It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s not legal.

Frankly anyone who would even consider letting their dog fight someone elses shouldn’t have one in the first place. I’m hoping that you’re not serious, but sadly I’m not sure.

Get a fucking grip, report your neighbour for being an idiot and keep your dog safe. I also suspect that this thread is not long for this world.


Sounds like you’re both dumbass bastards. It also sounds like you’re trolling. Bye bye.

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