My new passport arrived!

I now see that I can deliciously order a US passport renewal with extra pages, which is great because some other countries have looked askance at my amended, taped-in extra pages.

The US Embassy used to put in extra pages for free. Just walk in and say, “Extra pages, please,” and it took just a few minutes. But now the US charges for that. I forget the exact amount, but it’s not too far from the cost of a new passport itself. Best just to apply for a new one.

Interesting. I wonder whether Canada does that. It might be difficult, though, given that all the existing pages are numbered.

I’m concerned about running out of space when updating my address after moving. The Passport Canada site just says to put new addresses on a piece of paper and put that in the passport.

Our pages are numbered too. The extra pages are “lettered” – A, B, C etc – and placed in the middle of the book. I don’t know how it’s done, but they must have some sort of machine. The pages are in there tight, it’s not a paste job. One passport, I had to have so may extra pages put in that it finally ended up being about as thick as a small-town phone book! Looked cool.

For the address space in my passport, the instructions in the passport say to write it in pencil, so it can be erased if needed.

I believe, but am not sure, that you can request extra pages in a Canadian passport, but you have to do it at the time of application. I don’t know if there is an extra cost, though.

I guess that if you were an international journalist who travels frequently, to name one example, you might order such a passport. For regular tourism (a once-a-year-trip, for example), you probably don’t need any more than the regular 24-page Canadian passport.

Unless you go to Asia every year–lots of the Asian visas are big honking things that take up a full page (plus the stamps on the opposite page). This uses up the passport pretty quickly, hence my need for the government taped-in section (with the amendment notice in the back of the book). But I’m up for a new one soon, so I’ll get the jumbo-size this time.

Well, the Passport Canada FAQ is pretty clear about adding pages to a Canadian passport: No.

Yay :smiley:

I’ve had no problem with it, either the original submission or the renewal, both from the U.S. Both times my citizenship card was in the envelope with the passport. I’d suggest sending the application via UPS or FedEx. Passport Canada used FedEx to deliver to me.

Takes 10 working days. Just visit a Passport Office in Canada, or if your living abroad in the US or elsewhere go to the nearest Canadian Consulate. You get to keep all of your documents.

I get to renew both this year: US in April, Canada in November. It will be my first time renewing the US one from abroad, which I assume will be a hassle, and the first time renewing Canada domestically.

Last time, I had let the Canadian passport expire and I had to find a Canadian passport-holder who could verify that I was me. That was a pain: none of my relatives had passports, so I had to go through my mental list of Canadians one by one. (They also allowed testimony from doctors and a few other professionals, but not PhDs and so it didn’t help me any.)

I knew an elderly Aussie gentleman here who was astonished that I could have extra pages put into my passport at the embassy here. At that time, Aussies had to have their passports sent back to Oz for new pages. He was downright offended that I could have it done here. “What about terrorists! Terrorists could take advantage of this!” he railed at me in all seriousness. (This was shortly after 9/11.) I’m not sure what diabolical plots could be furthered by getting extra pages put in one’s passport on premises, but he was really pissed off about it. (Since then, I believe the Aussie Embassy has started giving extra pages on the spot too.)

Actually, this passport I just received has 36 pages. Pages 6 through 34 can hold stamps and visas.

Sadly, I’ve never come close to filling a passport.

Me neither.

I think the last time I needed my passport was when I went to NYC in 2011. Though it’s good to use as general ID even when travelling within your own country.

You are welcome to pop over here. The weather is great and the beer is cold. Hotel room will set you back around 35,000 Kwanza ( ~ 400 Canadian dollars ), but you can get a room at *casa de DrumBum *for free

I have had to have pages added to mine. I think it came with 30 pages.

Congrats on your shiny new Canadian passport. Come to Cleveland! We could even throw together a DopeFest to welcome you.

Thanks for all the offers–right now, just going downtown is a significant journey for me. :slight_smile:

The list of people who can be guarantor for a passport application has been expanded; no longer is it just doctors, lawyers, engineers, mayors, etc. Basically, it’s now any Canadian citizen who’s known you for more than two years and also has a passport.

However, the requirements for getting a birth certificate continue to include the older rigorous guarantor requirement.