My next TV Series - You decide!

4 seasons in 2 weeks? You really did like it! :slight_smile: The difference in quality between Mad Men and Ozark or ST is night and day, IMO. It’s up there with The Leftovers and Better Call Saul as one of my favorite shows of all time.

I think I watched 4 seasons of Mad Men. I enjoyed it a lot, but had had enough by then.

Parks and Rec was terrible the first season; I’m not sure I finished even a single episode, it was so bad. But someone told me to give it another chance later on, and I’m glad I did; it became pretty fun. Nothing mindblowing, but fun.

Stranger Things worked just right for me, though: it wasn’t trailblazing, it was shamelessly nostalgic and pastiche, but it was very well-crafted and did exactly what I want a creepy show to do.

I also thought the “Don Draper is an impostor” storyline was the least interesting part of Mad Men.

I also really liked The Leftovers.


My rankings:

  1. Mad Men (by far)
  2. Parks & Rec
  3. Ozark
  4. Stranger Things

I loved Mad Men, loved almost everything about it. Holy hell, do I understand the Drapers and their family, so much of it is recognizable to my life and childhood. I also appreciate business histories and, for television, MM kept the business aspects of Sterling, Cooper, et al, relatively believable, even to the point of people’s not understanding the rules by which they agreed upon (Don gives someone his proxy, Roger asks “Can we do that?” Loved that moment.) To me the big revelation about MM was Sally Draper - possibly my favorite character in the series and central to my favorite scene in the whole series, the ending of season 6. I will buy this one someday.

Parks & Rec was perhaps the nicest TV series I’ve ever seen - a genuinely sweet show about nice people who try to do well, - succeed. I think it lost something when Ann and Chris left in season 6, and the season 7 “fight” between Leslie and Ron was painful to experience and out of character for the series - it’s probably best it ended when it did, to be honest. The one thing that did ring flat the entire run was the Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry abuse - too many times it detracted from the story and the characters. My favorite moment was when Andy casually explained how he went from overweight schlub to Captain Beefhunk between seasons - “Oh, I just decided to not eat as much, you know?” - and that was it.

Just finished season 2 of Ozark today. I’m enjoying this one most for the acting - the plot and some of the situations seemed contrived as all hell, but c’est la vie. We can’t all be Breaking Bad, can we? Laura Linney is a wonder, and the young woman who plays Ruth deserves all the Emmy’s. There has been a deepening sense of doom and dread as this one has been going along, and if you are the sort of person who needs lighthearted scenes and other emotional leveners in your crime dramas, give Ozark a pass - this one is unrelenting. Looking forward to Season 3.

I liked Stranger Things a bit more when it was called Super-8. I mean, it was fine and worth the time viewing, but I’m still not planning on watching season 2 of it.

Nest on my list: The Good Place.

Oh, you are in for a treat with that one! And if the relatively short binge merely whets your appetite, go for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” also by Mike Schur and also absolutely hilarious, sweet and all around excellent.

My vote was for Ozark.

But only the first season.

The Good Place’s first season is also excellent.

Voted on Stranger Things just because it hits all the right notes for me. Makes me feel like a kid again without being too juvenile.

I watched all of Mad Men, it’s a well produced, well acted show, but I mainly enjoyed its less idealized period aspect,. It can get a little too real, and too real can sometimes get boring. I was relieved when I found out it was ending because I was too invested to just drop it, but was also tiring of it.

I knew after the first episode Ozark wasn’t for me, even though I like Jason Bateman a lot.

I’ve caught several episodes of Parks, butI can’t binge watch Network comedies. Those are filler for me, or a cleanser to watch before bed if what I watched before was particularly dark.

I voted for Mad Men, for all the reasons listed above.

If I may submit a write-in, try Boss if you can find it. Kelsey Grammar is a profane big-city mayor who’s suffering from the early stages of dementia. A good political drama that was cancelled way too soon.