My son keeps kicking me in the crotch

Ah, well that’s okay then, those aren’t as important.

Can the Tinkleberry sit in a grocery-store buggy?
Make sure to push that at arm’s length. You’re SURE to get tagged in the cubes as soon as you’re withing striking distance.

Welcome to fatherhood.
None of us dad’s get out of it without several smacks to the crotch.

And it’s clearly wrong that this is the one post in the thread that made me laugh out loud (in a very quiet, open plan office)

Oooooh yeah. In fact, that was the special game that Dweezil used to reserve especially for Mommy. Only with the front of the head and Mommy’s mouth. Deliberately. On numerous occasions. :mad: Never succeeded in breaking off my front teeth but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Count yourself lucky you don’t have an adam’s apple.