My stupid tablet apparently does not understand my flatlander accent

I’d be just as upset if my horse didn’t obey instructions while ploughing the fields. Stuff should do what it claims it will, if it doesn’t we get to whinge.

My tablet does OK with my Aussie accent, I haven’t yet figured out how to stop it putting asterisks in when I swear. I could type a page of them faster if I wanted them.

Documentaries have been made about how shit Siri is.

Oh, shut up. I can complain about my tablet and not think it’s the end of the world or that it’s the worst problem ever.

Honestly. I forgot you’re not allowed to whine a little unless you’ve actually lost a limb. :rolleyes:

Did you remember to press 1 for English? ������

No actual human sounds like Apu. It’s a made-up accent spoken by a non-Indian. It’s the same as the “black comic impersonating white guy” accent.

Right now I’m dictating this response from through Siri using my fake heavy New England accent

right now Siri seems to be doing OK so I have the seafaring Yankee accent seems to be lacking know walking not lacking

OK she’s messing up here little so heavy inflection seems to mess her up

And now for some stereo typical Yankee savings say you know sayings

you can’t get there from here
Go park the car

And now one of my favorite Bert and I joke sequences dictated through Siri
" I lost a lot of money on the stock market so I decided to end it all, I went to the local general store bought myself a big horse pistol a bottle of carbonic acid and some rope.

went out to local swimming hole tight on noose in the rope drank the Carbolic acid and swung out over the swimming hole fire in the pistol.

the bullet separate the rope I fell into the swimming hole drink so much water I vomited up all the carbolic acid, you know if I hadn’t been such a good swimmer I would’ve drowned…