My Wife and Kid escape fiery death, my neighbors don't

That is just awful, I’m glad you and yours are ok, and so sorry about the terrible losses in your community.


Oh my lord, that’s just so hideous. I’m so sorry for everyone affected by this tragedy.

elephant shoes, I don’t mind at all.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, all. Today we should get some more victims names, but I think most of my closest associates are accounted for now. But I’m sure gonna miss Dan and Bill.

Damn, QtM, I’m so sorry. I grew up in Sheboygan, and my mom and oldest friend still live there (and my mom grew up in the town at the offramp nearest the accident). My friend’s husband commutes that route to work each day, but by the time I heard about it yesterday, it was late, and I don’t think the timing was during his commute. Nonetheless, I watched the footage on the news with shock and horror.

I’m so glad your wife and daughter are all right, though.

Then I’m sure we’re at least 4th cousins, DeniseV. Course, you mayn’t wanna admit to that, enso?

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On the serious side, I’m still waiting to see if any relatives died in the accident. But when you’re related to half the county, it’s probably a safe assumption that at least one did.

QtM, whose grandmother was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Sheboygan. Sorry, Shpoygan.

Both of my parents were born in the county, so I’ve got the same worry. No news is good news, I guess? I hope.

I’ll post a list of names when one appears.

And special thanks to those young adults who took it on themselves to start waving to incoming traffic to alert them. If my wife hadn’t seen them and responded to their signals, she’d have lost the chance to miss the pile-up. We’ve no idea who they were, but I expect they saved lives.

I’m so very sorry about your friend and son…but VERY grateful that your wife and daughter escaped unscathed.

Thoughts and prayers going out to everyone involved in this horrible situation. I, also, skipped the pics. It was already horrific enough to even know it happened. So much loss. So very sad.

And I also urge people to think about driving conditions as the weather changes. When it snows here, or gets cold enough to get icy, so many people don’t seem to feel that they need to change their driving pattern at ALL. It results in death and injury and so much of it should have been avoidable.

Give your wife and daughter ::huggles:: from me, too.

Much Love,


What a horrible, horrible tragedy.

Glad your wife and daughter are OK, Qadgop. I’ll be keeping your tenant’s widow in my prayers, along with the families of the others involved.

that is just chilling qadgop, much too close to home. i’m glad to hear your wife and daughter are okay.

i’ll keep your neighbour in my prayers. please keep us informed.

((qadgop family))
and i’m sorry for your losses

The state police came tonight to take my wife’s statement about the accident. While in the median, she’d noticed a fragment of deer antler laying there, not shed but broken off. So there’s a hypothesis that someone might have hit a deer in the fog, triggering it.

We visited the site today, and she showed me where she was in relationship to the fireball. Too damned close.

We told the widow today that there’d be no charge for rent at all for the rest of the year.

Victims of Oct. 12 accident on I-43
The Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department has released the following list of names of people who died Friday in the accident on Interstate 43:

David S. Arendt, 42, Port Washington, driving 2001 Chevy Cavalier

William T. Balint, 26, Oostburg, driving 1996 Toyota Corolla

Daniel J. Balint, 52, Oostburg, passenger in above car. Father of William.

Eric J. Behling, 38, Oostburg, driving 1991 Chevy pickup

Nadine M. Boltz, 49, Kewaunee, driving 1998 Plymouth Neon

Richard B. Doll, 25, Cedar Grove, driving Warner Cable TV truck

Allan Domke, 63, DePere, driving Dodge Durango

Daniel J. Janquart, 36, Sheboyan, driving VW Jetta

Rachel M. Matt, 24, Sheboygan, driving 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

Kenneth J. Rauwerdink, 45, Oostburg, driving 2002 Dodge Caravan

No one I know, thank goodness, but I feel horrible for everyone this has affected directly. :sad:

Oh my goodness. That’s so horrible. :frowning:

Qadgop, it’s all been said already. Just don’t forget your Doper family is here if you need us.

The other Aussies, Kiwis and I are usually around on the SDMB in the wee small hours of the morning if you can’t sleep, and need somebody to talk to.