Myth busted: We don’t swallow eight spiders a year while we sleep

Before I got treated for sleep apnea, I used to sleep with my mouth wide open. More than once, I woke up with a tickling sensation coming from inside my mouth like something was walking around in there mainly because there was. You don’t know how you are going to react until you have been in that situation but I found out my personal strategy for a very groggy 3am at least. I turn myself into a human Venus flytrap by not breathing, sitting very still and then closing my mouth really fast. SNAP! That usually works to trap the hapless victim inside but a few are too fast for the first attempt but they always come back.

The next step is to dispatch the unwelcome intruder by crushing it with your tongue against the roof of your mouth and then spit launch it as far across the room as possible. The most common of those executed in this manner were common houseflies but I did catch a spider and even a small grasshopper :confused: once that way.

I have no idea how many never woke me up at all and just got swallowed without any fanfare or elaborate execution ceremonies but it is very possible that there were many.

Every big rock I’ve ever climbed around on, if there’s a hole in the rock, there’ll be spiders in there.

Just saying’.

We don’t TRY to swallow the ones around here, but if you step on them, they bark loudly.

I am living proof that their bark is worse than their bite!


I knew it was nine!!

The moth man properties?

Bad news for vegans. :eek:

I do not bother spiders in their natural outside habitat. I would only request that they offer me the same courtesy as regards my natural inside habitat. Any spider that enters my domicile has indicated a wish to end its life. It would be churlish of me not to accommodate it.

If that means eating them in my sleep, so be it, I’ll take that bullet for my fellow man.

Screw you and everybody that looks like you, man! THAT is the very species that ignited my arachnophobia–can hardly bear to look at a photo of them.

Crawled into bed one night when I was a kid. Felt an irregularity in the bottom sheet that felt a little like a tough lint ball (part of my suconscious was screaming already), reached down to casually flick it away from my thigh (subconscious was hysterical–IT’S A SPIDEY!!) and it squirmed under my hand. I levitated out of bed and floated over to the light switch. I slowly walked over to the bed (subconscious was trying to convince me we should head downstairs and get some ice cream) and turned down the covers. I did not see a callobius there in my bed. I saw two. And neither looked particularly the worse for wear having been rolled up under my thigh and hand. I murdered them both and slept in the tub.

Bolding mine! But I don’t

You mean she

So first she saw

I’m saying she had to know that was going to happen!

Now you, sir, sound like a well-adjusted and right-thinking individual.

While getting ready to turn in one night several years ago, I pulled back the comforter, and the biggest spider I’ve ever seen was quite at home on my sheet. I collected it into a cup with a Tvguide as a cover, and deposited it safely outside. Then I went to bed. I refuse to kill anything just because it was unfortunate enough to wander into the house. I’m the only person in my family not terrified of spiders. Snakes on the other hand, oh my, I cannot even look at a picture of a snake. ::shudder::