Name a good "backup" or "fallback" job

I am signed on with two different dog walking/pet sitting agencies. Pay is good and hours flexible.

Anything food service.

I once knew a fellow (college student) who intended to become a baker on exactly the premise that a baker can find work anywhere.

Drug dealing is also quite portable, for those so inclined.

A real long shot would be music instructor. See Chapin’s I Want to Learn a Love Song.

Radio DJ, at a certain level, at a time before everything became taped.

And there’s a reason for it. Those places will hire anyone who can fog a mirror.

Home Depot is also a waystation for people at a crossroads in life. Ask me how I know that. :o

I have a friend who started house/pet sitting decades ago. Originally it was for extra cash. Currently she has much of her year booked, purely through word of mouth, and lives at home just a few days each month.



That goddam shit is so miserable, having that as your backup pretty much guarantees you’re going to make your number one job a success.

When my wife was jobless for a while last year, her mom kept insisting on things like “you can type*, you should be able to get a job anywhere.”

*Also: “you can use a computer,” “you have a bachelor’s degree.”

I was going to say taping and mudding – done well it is miraculous to me!

Executive Secretary.

I can type, do good phone, take shorthand, I can write paperwork like nobody’s business, and keep a good calendar, plus manage the minions. Also, I don’t look like a bimbo the wife should be jealous of.

I know the shorthand thing seems sooo 1950’s, but it really impresses the heck out people when they see me taking notes.

I’m a tenured college professor, so unless I commit a most heinous crime on campus I’m pretty safe.

If I did need a fallback, I’d return to graphic design. I worked in graphics and printing for a long time (and I still use the skills I learned in my current job).

My second fallback is picking apples and cherries. Six summers of being used as child labor sure did hone my agricultural skills.

Relatively easy to learn (only a few months part-time classes)
While big cities tend to be full-time fire dept jobs, cross the line into the suburbs & there’s lots of PRN (part-time) hours available, especially because it’s staffed 24 x 7. You can’t count on it, but if you get lucky overnight, you’re paid to sleep.
Some places just do transport (scheduled runs of sick/elderly/infirm - a glorified taxi service), some places just do emergency/911, & some places do both. Transport jobs rarely have blood & gore.

I’m an IT guy, with a BS in computer science, a MS in IT, and a MBA.

I imagine I could do any number of fall-back jobs within IT if I couldn’t be a business analyst/PM anymore: help desk goon, developer, DBA, etc… but I don’t want to do any of those at all, or just don’t want to do them again.

Outside of IT, I could probably be a bang-up survey crew member; I did it in college on-again/off-again as people at the civil engineering firm I worked for went on vacation. I know my trig, and I can handle electronics, so it wouldn’t be that bad.

I could also probably teach school; there’s a teacher shortage around here, and I suspect I could get emergency certified to teach something like math, science, business or something computer-related without much trouble. I’d say teach IT or business at community college since I’m technically qualified, but I understand that there are scads of PhDs looking for those jobs these days.