Name and gender change

My name is an either/or name so I wouldn’t have to change it if I didn’t feel like it. Right now, I am comfortable in both my self and my name so I see no reason to change.

Knowing several transgender folk has caused me to discover that they all tried on names until they found one that fit. It makes sense. I wanted a different name as a child because mine wasn’t “girly” enough. I still like the name I chose (Andrea) but I no longer think it suits me.

You should make Rex your middle name, and make your first name Thomas. Then just go by your first initial and middle name.

That would be fuckin’ awesome.

The names I use in masculine mode and feminine mode are completely unrelated. (Well, except when I’m using ‘Neko’ for both, but…)

I use my mother’s maiden name with my non-birth name, as my last name doesn’t flow right with it.

My adopted name is a reference to a character in a comic book that I’m a big fan of - even if the story that made the reference appropriate was terrible, and hamfisted, I do really like the name - which happens to be gaelic, and, since I’m proud of my Scottish heritage…

Eh, all my mail and phone solicitations incorrectly assume I’m female based on my first name anyway. No real reason to change it.

I have a hard enough time with people calling me by the female version of my name when I introduce myself on the phone now; I’d certainly abandon the name entirely if I crossed over.

I’d have to go completely different, for the same reason. I hate the female counterpart of my name.

While my name is predominantly male, there are MANY females also using my name (same spelling too), so I’d probably just keep it the same.

I have no idea.

I am a woman whose name could be made into a male name by removing the final “a”. And I’ve answered to it on occasion. However, I have spelling issues. If I were to suddenly change my name, I think I’d want a name with fewer spelling issues–and I’m not at all sure that the male form of my name would have fewer spelling issues. There’s no way I’d switch to the most common form of the male name, if the most common form of the male name is spelled the way the most common form of the female name is (which is not the way MY name is spelled).

I certainly would not use the name I would have been given if I’d been born a boy–that’s my little brother’s name. Also, it almost rhymes with my present name, and again, has spelling issues.

So I guess I’m leaning towards I’d pick something multi-syllabic (because I like multi-syllable names), that didn’t resemble my present name too strongly. And something without spelling issues–which is probably harder than it looks.

There is a female version of my first name but I’d go with something totally different.

Lisa has always been my favorite name for a female so maybe that or Valerie.

I would keep my name, works for both male and female. I go by my middle name, and my first name does not work as a female but if you adjusted a few letters it would. Most people do not know my first name.

Change my gender to WHAT?? :confused:

I mean, it’s not like there are only two of them or anything.

I’ve realized that I know what name I’d have if I’d been a boy and, while one of my cousins does have it, he has a different firstname. So I’d probably be a Javier.

Like installLSC I’m a crossdresser, and I have a femme name. I use Tina, which shares my initial, but is not any sort of equivalent (there isn’t one, in fact) of my male name.

Hehe, the funny thing is, I’m a female with a male name. Not one of those “it could go either way” names like Chris or Pat or even Shannon. There’s a feminine version of the name - I have the other version. I even go by the masculine diminutive, rather than the one with “y” on the end that would make it girly. Even though I’m not masculine in any other way. So I guess I could just keep it :slight_smile:

My friend is transgendered, and there is no female version of her original name. Well, actually, I just looked it up and it turns out there is, but it’s more weird and old-fashioned sounding than the male version. She hasn’t officially changed her name yet, so she might change her mind later, but the name she goes by at the moment has nothing to do with her old name (starts with a different letter, a few syllables longer); she chose it because she thinks it’s pretty. I think I’d do the same if I decided to switch genders for some reason, and just go with a name I like. Maybe Colin, I’ve always been fond of that name. I could turn my name into a male one by dropping the ‘a’ at the end, but I have a cousin with that name, I wouldn’t want to cause confusion.

There’s no good masculine version of my name. I have no idea what I’d choose; never considered it.

Kristin -> Chris would be easy (a very few even say “Kris” now). However, I’ve got a cousin with that first name and my last name, and he had the temerity to go and get famous first! :slight_smile: Middle name’s Leigh, so I think I’d go with that. “K. Leigh Lastname” - I always liked those initials-as-part-of-the-name names!

He has a different first lastname - gah! goes off to write 100 times “Do not smoosh your words in writing.”

My nickname works as a female name if I change the Y to an I.

I’ve also always liked the name Sarah (and got my cousin named that. Tried to get my sister named that, too).

I’m still thinking about which I would like better. I’m not that fond of my nickname, but it works a lot better as a female name.

I do know I won’t reverse my name, even though my first name is a lastname and my last name is a female name.

I already have family who call me Rae, which is phonetically the same as Ray. I hate it. My boy name would be Jack.