Name changes and fixes

It looks like we can process name changes at the moderation level without requiring an admin. If your name was mangled in the move to Discourse and you would like to change it, please send me a PM with what you would like to change it to and I will attempt to change it for you.

Thank you for your help and promptness. :slight_smile:

I had asked for a name change before we moved, but now it’s grown on me. Sort of. So I won’t be taking you up on your offer, but thank you still the same.

I’m so sorry I haven’t figured out to DM you here yet.
I used to be (years ago) papergirl, and prior to that (even more years ago), bodypoet.
I think all of my posts consolidated under papergirl, but now I have a new name.
Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you!

You should pin this thread. There are a lot of people who need it.

It is pinned. Did you unpin it for yourself?

Oops. Never mind.

To send PM (DM, whatever you’re used to calling it), click on someone’s name, and a small box will pop up. In the upper right of that box is a link to send them a message. If you are using the default theme, the message link is blue with an envelope icon and the word “Message”.

I can change names and fix e-mail problems but I can’t merge accounts. Let me see what I can do for you.

Hi, thank you so much! Sorry for the PITA.
I no longer have the email I was using before, I think–I’m not even sure which one I was using. My new email is this one, [moderator note - email removed].


My name is Blank Slate. I used to have an underscore problem. I tried everything: creams, pills, transplants…you name it. Then I found Underscore Club of America. Now I’m underscore free and living life without spaces. Without that sticky shift key or embarrassing dashes. Free, once and for all.

Thanks UCA and ECG.

Help needed!

I previously logged on as TCMF-2L but the new site won’t allow me to. It accepts TCMF-2L (with a hyphen although it rejects the underscore version TCMF_2L) but won’t accept my password. Not with either version.

If I request a new password (including clicking on the final OK button) I never get any email.

A few weeks back I did message TubaDiva but sadly she passed away before she could reply.

I have now created this sock account because I cannot find any other way of emailing a moderator.

Indeed, even though I have created this sock account I still can’t email a moderator. When I click on the name engineer_comp_geek I don’t get the option to send a message.

While I am probably doing something wrong I will point out if I click on my own little square initial letter icon I do get the option (the envelope picture) to send a message to myself so I do recognise it when I see it. But I cannot find that anywhere when clicking on ECG’s name.

I don’t post anything of importance nor do I post frequently. Which makes me very attached to my previous post count of (I think) nearly 700. If I lose my old log in I don’t think I’ll ever reach 1,000.

IAMASOCK (Previously TCMF-2L)

Send me an email at and we’ll get you sorted out.

magicspacemama, if you can read this, I also need you to send me an email at I have tried to contact you twice via email and haven’t received any replies.

I have sent you an email ECG.

I suspect it is unrelated but when I click on your name now I do get the option of sending a message through the board. I’m guessing, since I literally created the sock account and logged in immediately, there was a short delay before I merited communication privileges.

IAMASOCK (Previously TCMF-2L)

I am back as TCMF-2L. Hooray for me and many thanks to ECG for doing all the work.

Now if I could only find my total post count displayed somewhere.


Post counts are on your public profile.


I used to have an active account on this message board. I went away for a while and now my username/password no longer work. I created a new account but it was pointed out to me that this violates the user agreement. How do I log onto my old account?

Send me an email at and we’ll get you sorted out.