Name this X-rated sculptor

So Spielberg is an artist by virtue of his training, not because of his body of work? The fact that he went to film school is more important that the fact that he made *Schindler’s List *?

My attitude is, if you make art, you’re an artist. Jeff Koons has produced works that delight and amaze me. The craftsmen he employs would not have made those works without his direction.

In “artists” who did their work heavily assisted by assistants being ordered around, include of course Andy Warhol. . and that hack Pieter Paul Rubens. . . that charlatan Rembrandt. . . every engraver save Dürer. . .

I hate the SDMB when it comes to art, music, anything like that beyond a certain, basic threshold. Can’t have it all I suppose.

In the olden days, during the tradition, sculpture was seen as a copy of the real world. Same with painting: the artist’s sole point was to trick us into thinking that whatever it was existed in three dimensions. The other part of the tradition is thinking up ways to represent classic myths, fables, whatever. That’s where the artist comes in. “You know what would be really cool…?”

When sculpture began to be more of it’s thing, where each piece did not necessarily reflect the real world - think Rodin, where he lopped off body parts to accentuate the emotion - the artist was even more important in conceptualizing the work. Fuck, man, Rodin would have used a CNC mill if he could. He had ideas, but it’s not always easy getting those ideas out. The purpose of the carvers was purely mechanical. While it takes talent to execute vision, in theory, it should be a perfect representation of the idea.

There’s this beautiful work by Sol LeWitt that I wish more people who hate modern art would see. Essentially, he provided a gallery with a set of instructions on what he wanted his work to look like. “A line dvided in half by a second line that hits the midpoint of a third line…” etc. The point being that neither the instructions or the execution was art in and of itself, as much as it was a strange middle area between the extremes. He had the vision, but anyone who attempted to execute this vision would have various subtle, but not trivial, interpretations.


Can someone point me to where I can find the dirty stuff? Google searches are not forthcoming.

Try doing a Google image search for “koons cicciolina”.

Or for Koons “Made in Heaven” (a series of nasty photos).
ZebraShaSha, we’re not all like that!

And Bullshit is a quite vibrant and cutting edge medium. The most interesting works today are being executed in Bullshit, and it’s a great thing. All the greatest genres and stylistic innovations in history have started out as Bullshit, but soon the public slowly came to accept its contemporaneous Bullshit, and now we see the Bullshit works of the past as old masters.