Napster lives on...

It looks like Napster is going to stay up for a while longer… Napster

Now, where is Bill to bitch and moan about this ?

Bite me.

Aw come on Bill I was just pickin. :smiley:

Friends ?

Here, I’ll even send you an mp3 . . .

er, ok, maybe not.


Bill, cheer up. It was only two federal judges that disagreed with you. Ignore them and call the rest of us thieves again. It was funny.

Well, Bill, on the bright side, federal judges have been known to be real rascals. You can never trust them.


I found a user today who gives me an 86 k/s download. He has a collection of over 1000 MP3s. I snagged about 60 of them.


Thank you Napster!


Thanks for tellin me, I almost just deleted all my Napster files! :slight_smile: