Naughty Images?

Keep in mind we’re talking about a change in their service. Their AI (or whatever) used to know when people were searching for naughty pictures. They deliberately redesigned it away from that.

Okay, fine, it’s their website and they can change it. But they should have including the option of some people not wanting the change and allowing those people to use the old AI.

Search engines depend on producing the results people want - even when they’re not sure of what they’re looking for. Being better at producing the appropriate results was how Google beat Yahoo. You’d think they’d be aware of this and realize how risky it is to deliberately skew your results when there are competitors like Bing or Duck Duck Go waiting around. If people get in the habit of using Bing as their default search engine, then Google could end up like Yahoo - and eventually like Alta Vista.

As for me, I’ll just stick with my old reliable Web Crawler.

Now that I know how to use it correctly, the new AI actually offers better service. Now that I’ve been taught the secret, I don’t want to use the old AI.

I’d say that the only real market failure was not communicating the change to the customer base. Change is inevitable, but it works best when there is some means of notifying people about it.

(And…this is the sort of change that Google is probably not entirely proud of… So it goes!)

I – in spite of being a librarian and firmly in favor of the free flow of information and ideas (and images) – am perfectly fine with Google tightening the image search parameters to prevent accidental shocks. I’ll never forget the time when a fellow librarian was working on a poster and asked me to find an image of a fist. I innocently typed “fist” in the search bar… did not realize safe search mode was turned off… at the public service desk… in the Children’s Department… ouch.

I don’t think that’s it though. Even someone searching for actual porn want quality links, not just random pics of flesh.
Getting a bunch of random pics of flesh doesn’t really help anybody, innocent or pervish.

Something like this?

Yep. You might be surprised at how fast someone can reboot a comuter when his job depends on it.

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notices people looking at him

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