naughty words

Carlin, as usual, has the last word on this one:

“Why do we tell someone ‘Fuck you?’ We shold tell them, ‘Un-fuck you.’ shouldn’t we?”

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I agree with Carlin. OpalCat, I respectfully disagree with you regarding insults having lost any sexual connotation. I believe they originated in our shame-based ideas about sex. We keep that negativity alive, at least subconsciously, when we use those insults.

It’s not true that the best way to insult someone is to refer to their sexuality. It all depends on where you are. In some cultures, the best way is to make a religious or family reference.

Devour excrement and cease to exist, all you Oedipal heathens.

Speaking of Carlin, I gotta relate this true story. A guy I worked with in a restaurant was reciting a line from a Carlin bit. We were by the server window at the end of lunch hour…full restaurant. Dude had a pretty loud voice, but the music in the place was normally loud, too. Unfortunately, the hostess was changing tapes when my friend got to the punchline. Waitresses came running in to the kitchen, angry and/or embarrassed. Every customer in the place had clearly heard my buddy shout:

Rat shit, bat shit,
Dirty smelly twat!
97 assholes
Tied in a knot!

what an excellent fucking flame, juicy and high in protien. So much more nourishing than the usual BBQ fare, fuck you all, brightly, brightly and with beauty,

Oh yes, and isn’t it 69 douchebags tied in a knot? Then again, I’ve always preferred 77, you get 8 more.

You kids are going to brown for this. No, I do not “burn” potty-mouths. I just tan them a bit.

Jazzmine: Exactly which dictionary did James Joyce use to find the wordbababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronnto

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“The best way to insult someone is to refer to their sexuality.”

I don’t think that’s necessarily so. Male athletes habitually refer to opponents and each other as ‘fags’ as a term of denigration. Not only does it lose any type of meaning after the gazillionth time you hear it, but I hardly think that castigation on the basis of sexual preference is a standard to which any of us need to aspire.

Similarly, the Korean insult referring to the status of pubic hair on one’s mother has nothing to do with the sexuality of the person you care to insult, but that person’s mother.

My brother still insults people with ‘dummy’ or in some cases ‘fucking dummy’ (sorry, TennHippie) and that still gets a laugh out of me.

Personally, I’m in favor of profanity: there’s nothing I hate worse than watching an excellent movie on television and hearing a platoon of marines saying ‘gosh-darn’ and ‘frigging heck’ all over the place.

Profanity for profanity’s sake is meaningless, but it’s an art to be able to express your emotion with an added dose of ribald invective.

I never laughed harder than the day my four-year-old nephew told me, in all candor, that “Shit Happens.”


abusus non tolit usus

Shit, I never meant to imply that I don’t like profanity. I fuckin’ love it. But choose your goddamned words wisely. Like I said before, it is the idea that sexuality is inherently insulting that I object to.

So, what you are looking for is insults/curses without dirty words? How about the classic:

May the fleas of thousand camels infest your armpits!

You walking talking sebaceous gland!

I wouldn’t walk across the room to spit in your mouth if your teeth were on fire!

And if you don’t like any of these all I can say is …
On second thought, I’ll keep it to myself!

Those are all good ones, but I think you still miss the point. I do not mind “naughty words.” What I object to is equating the word “fuck” with the word “rape,” and using sexual preference, or just sexuality in general, as an inherently “dirty” thing to insult people. If you say “eat shit, die slowly, rot in hell” I can be fairly certain that your feelings toward me are largely negative. If you say “fuck you” I am likely to say either:

  1. when?
  2. no, thank you
  3. you’ll never go back to him(or her) Likewise, the prevalence of “suck” as an unpleasant thing (egg and tick theories aside)confuses me. What is wrong with sucking? Most everybody I know (of any persuasion) like it in one form or another.
    Curse me, but curse me correctly!

Sorry about the poor text structure of my posts. I suck at some things…and at others I am not so good.

I forgive you. I suck at some things too. Much to the delight of my male companions!

I like the phrase “fuck you very much”; it shows far more gratitude than a simple “thanks”. I think I’ll use it the next time someone does me a favor. =B^)

I’m not a warlock.
I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.

Yes, AuraSeer, I agree. Fuck you very much for mentioning that delightful phrase.
“The difference between the ALMOST right word and the RIGHT word is really a large matter–'tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”
–Mark Twain

Isn’t “sucks” sometimes also found in the context of “sucks shit”?

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Now that IS sick! Who actually thinks like that?

“I do not agree with your use of the word ‘suck,’ but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.”
–some anonymous hippie from Tennessee

I know the above postings have discussed the origins and meanings of “Fuck You”, and I believe it showed up in one of Cecil’s books.

My question concerns the etymology behind “fuck you”. I’m reminded of a time when my Filipino wife was trying to teach me Tagalog and she couldn’t translate a word into English. I insisted she try and she answered back, “What if someone asked you to directly translate ‘fuck you’?” Sure, it might mean “go fuck yourself”, but the verb-second person usage is so odd. Why is it that way?

For example, you wouldn’t say “pinch you” instead of “go pinch yourself”.