NBA 2020 Redux - The Seasonette

I presume Nurse was trying to prioritize defence. The team had many chances and Nurse was not to blame for the late game fouls or partial inability of guys like Siakam and Anunoby to finish. Life in the bubble must have been frustrating. The Celtics are consistently excellent and were the Raptor’s bugbear all season due to similar styles and strategies.

The team has not published the details of Nurse’s “multi year contract extension”. I’m glad to see it. Nurse is clearly a genius with an eye for underappreciated talent and won the Coach of the Year in consecutive seasons.

Nurse has won it in one season, this season. Last year’s winner was Mike Budenholzer.

My mistake. But not so far off. Dwayne Casey won in 2017-18 for Toronto.

And the Clippers blew it. They blew it big time, turning in an absolute turkey of a performance in Game 7.

Names on the jerseys are different, but they’re still the Clippers. It’s kind of reassuring, in a way. :wink:

I’m willing to say that the psychological effects of the bubble are a significant factor. Still, pretty surprising, though I think both LA teams are slightly overrated.

The Heat-Celtics game was interesting, with Boston playing a great first half. But they were badly outscored 37-17 in the third quarter and it was even with maybe five minutes left. But they ran out of energy as Miami held on for their second win and second double-digit comeback.

I don’t know if Boston can contain Jimmy Buckets (Butler) and Dragic. They have four players who are consistently good but are playing 40+ minutes a game - and looking so by the end. I will call Boston in 7 but they are looking threadbare and will somehow have to turn things around.

Game 1 of the Celtics/Heat series was FANTASTIC and had me on the edge of my seat.

The first game was the best. The next two had their moments. In Canada, they were shown on free TV but hard to find as TSN3 and SN360 are in the mid-hundreds, channel-wise.

Nuggets outstanding against LAL but lost in the last second to go down 2-0.