Need a clever name for a weight loss challenge team

I don’t get it

How about:

Withering A-Weigh

The “Well, we tried. Pass the gravy!”

The 8 Musketeers

Less Messmen

Less Than Yesterday


The US Economies.
The Recessions.

My first thought was The Fat Cunts but maybe The Fat Cats would work better.

Our team name for a recent corporate exercise initiative was “The Phatties”

The Final Five.

“What happened to the fifth guy?”
“We ate him.”

Notso Athletic!

You know it makes sense.

Thinning Out Our Herd.

On Sale - Half Off!

The Fatastic Four.

Waist Management.

The Bod Squad
Quiet Diet
C.R.E.A.M. (Calories Rule Everything Around Me)

The Take It Offs

Fat As-is

The Imponderables.

Less to Love

Metabo Lights?

The Thighsman Trophy Winners.

The Finally Fit Four?

The Quiche Quitting Quartet?

The Terrifically Tubby Two Plus Two?

Garsh, these are horrible aren’t they? I have no idea.