Need light film fare reccs

Happy, Texas.

“Animal House” had a sex scene, with breasts visible. I wouldn’t call it GRAPHIC by porn standards, but it may cross the line for the OP. It would help if the OP clarified, there are a number of rom coms that fill the bill except for the Obligatory Nude Sex Scene with Boobies.

Oh, and Kentucky Fried Movie had the Big Tits in the Shower scene and the Midgets Throwing Pies At The Butts of Naked Catholic High School Girls In Chains scene, both of which were played strictly for laughs. And the scene where the couple makes out and the people on TV watch them …

Kiki’s Delivery Service? Whisper of the Heart or From Up on Poppy Hill, even?

Seconding Totoro and that other one. Most Miyazaki films would probably qualify, except for his most recent one, The Wind Rises, which deals with death and mortality and war in Miyazaki’s genteel way, hence can’t be called “lighthearted.” Laputa and Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service DEFINITELY qualify.

“A Little Romance” starring Diane Lane definitely qualifies as well.

I’ve seen about a third of those mentioned. Loved in particular Beetlejuice, Miyazaki films, Amelie, the Dish. I liked the Royal Tennenbaums without getting all excited about it. I enjoyed Up. I can take sad. I’m making a list!

I tend to despise chick flicks, except period dramatizations of extremely good books, if you count those. There are few films marketed as the funniest thing you’ve ever watched that I thought were at all funny. Animal House-ish, anything Mel Brooks, no. I just don’t find them funny. I’ve tried. I don’t care about nudity and can endure some gratuitous sex, just not interested in watching it, it seems tasteless to me.

Well if you liked “Beetlejuice” you might want to check out the rom-com “Just Like Heaven” as it has a supernatural angle and some pretty funny moments. I do not categorically despise romcoms, though most tend to be too formulaic to bother with. But the exceptions are pretty good, some of them very damn good.

“My Blue Heaven” might also fill the bill. It’s about a gangster in witness protection, but IIRC there is no explicit violence. And it’s funny, undemanding, etc.

Even if you’re not a Ben Stiller fan, Flirting with Disaster is a pretty funny, lighthearted David O. Russell movie.

ETA: Russell’s recent movie Silver Linings Playbook is also really good, IMO, and mostly fits your criteria.

Rewatched Real Genius recently, holds up pretty well. Quirky, no violence, and sex is only implied.

Is Bugsy Malone too saccharine?

How about The Goonies?

Okay, I now have a list of 40 movies to try, so unless others are gleaning good info here, you guys can stop if you want. It’ll take me awhile to get through this list.

Thank You Dope.

I’ll just jump in with one more.

Watching That Thing You Do always makes me feel good.

Thought of two more:

“Ten Things I Like About You” is a whip-smart retelling of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” set in a high school that is freaking hilarious. Not to be missed.

And “Easy A” is a sharp remake of “The Scarlet Letter” also set in high school, also hilarious. “Ten Things” is a romance, but the romance definitely takes a back seat to the comedy. “Easy A” is a sort of anti-romance. So now you have 43 movies on your list – deal!

Little Shop of Horrors
The Princess Bride (of course!)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels