Neutron bomb Iraqi oil fields? I say Yes!

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Assuming the popular conceptions of neutrom bombs exist (and they don’t, see my posts in the above-linked thread), that’d be a good way for al queda to say “SEE! They killed innocent Iraqis just to get at the oil!”

…To lend strength to their cause and recruit people, I mean.

The rumor was the welds leaked. All neutron bombs are a complete hoax, good in theory, impossible to make. Our government has sold us out.

STM traveling back in time is an even bigger deal.

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At least I got in a tired Vietnam reference, so 2003 wasn’t a complete waste.

I admit that I’m actually slightly relieved that this is a necro thread, given the title.
Also, I’ve heard elsewhere that another disadvantage of neutron bombs is the likelihood of hitting large number of enemy soldiers with fatal but not incapacitating doses of radiation. Which means that you’d be manufacturing large numbers of soldiers who have nothing to lose and no reason not to literally fight to the last man in order to kill as many of your side as possible, since they are already as good as dead.

I’ve always wondered this myself.

Well, you’re clearly an expert.

Aside from the fact that this idea is just as insane now as it was back in 2003 when the o.p. posted it, it is also the case that while an enhanced radiation (‘neutron’) weapon produces less of its yield as x-rays and therefore, less thermal and blast effects, it is still a nuclear weapon with an explosive yield than the largest chemical explosive bomb.


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How much less yield? Is it stronger than a vacuum bomb? From here:

Interesting because we have used a similar weapon in Afghanistan. From the same article:

Though I suppose sans radiation, it just isn’t the same. Is it? Anyway, has it helped or hurt with Al Qaeda’s recruiting?

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Essentially, as detonated, (without the tertiary DU wrap), the infamous Tsar Bomba was an enhanced radiation weapon.

Most folks generally do not consider that device to be ‘benign’ to structures and lethal to people.

Another curiosity about nukes; during US war games, commanders were watching to see how the troops utilized a variable yield nuclear weapon. (Yes, it apparently had a big knob on it, which was turned to the desired blast effect)

Anyhow, regardless of the target, and the proximity to collateral damage sensitive items, the troups invariably deployed the device at maximum yield.

(Yeah, off topic, but I just luv how revealing of human nature that is)

… I don’t know you heard that whopper, but people who get lethal doses of radiation don’t usually stay active for long. It does very bad things, like devouring muscle tissue and killing whole organs. Death can take a while… but it’s not pretty. The wounded become a huge drain on the enemy’s fighting force unless they’re ruthless bastards and let them rot on the spot. In any case, I’m not gonna be too worried about the fighting morale of enemy soldiers with radiation poisoning.

Seriously, who told you this nonsense?

From what I understand people suffering from lethal radiation doses at a certain level through a ‘walking ghost’ phase, where after the initial symptoms they have exhibit little to no symptoms. This because what has been destroyed is their bodies abiltiy to make new cells of certain types, but they can get by for a short time (hours-a couple of days) with the cells they already have. Thoguh they are pretty much fully fnctional during this stage there is already nothing that anyone can do for them.

All of the neutron bomb designs produced in the U.S. have explosive yields in the 1 kiloton range. Very destructive, yes, but not greater than what’s achievable with chemical explosives, and well below the yields typically designed into tactical nukes, much less ICBMs (there are several warheads with even lower yields, but those are in mobile-launched missiles to be used against aircraft, armor, or other missiles).

Please show my in any standard reference (Jane’s,, et cetera) and deliverable chemical explosive weapon with a yield of 1 kT TNT equivalent and the unitary delivery system that can carry such a monster.


Rise of the Atomic Zombies…

A bit of a hijack, bt Iraq may well have more oil than SA-most of the fields in Krdistan have yet to be tapped.
Iraq shold become a very wealthy nation, provided they can attract the investment necessary to develop their oilfields.