New Boat!!! Yes, I must share :)

I just got a new boat too! Here it is.

(I’m being somewhat serious - that’s what I call it and I love it).

You were lucky. We used to dream of having a paddle.

hey Brian. Interior pics coming soon.

They’re gasoline engines. Best (most economical) cruising speed is 26MPH, which burns 20GPH at 3000RPM. This gets me a max cruising distance of 286 miles on full tanks. Max speed (at WOT) is 45MPH, but my GPH jumps to 46 and my cruising distance on full tanks drops to 215 miles.

Nope. Not sleeping in it tonight. Probably not until next week. I’m a clean freak and there’s lots to clean before the boat is up to my standards. This weekend I break out the elbow grease. :slight_smile:

I actually have two trips planned. First one is to Penn’s Landing, about a half hour from my marina, maybe next weekend. Then on Memorial Day weekend it’s down to the Chesapeake Bay and perhaps the Inner Harbor, which is about a seven hour trip according to my Furuno GPS

That’s very nice. I’m looking for something like that, but for two people, and maybe not as long. I was looking at a dinghy or tender to attach to the back of my boat with a davit system, but they’re all kind of ugly, whereas yours is very attractive. What brand is that? Where’d you buy it?

Heh. Probably not the second happiest, but it’s definitely up there in the top 10. :slight_smile:

I got it used at Portland Kayak here in Portland, OR. Ocean Kayak is actually the brand name, it’s the cheapest one they offer - the Scrambler XT. Also came with a backrest.

I got tired of camping and fishing from the bank or renting some noisy aluminum outboard thing. Now I can sneak up into a cove and…make angling history!! :slight_smile:

It’s got a bow hatch that I use as kind of a live well, another bungee well for my stuff, and two pole holders, although I usually crankbait so I don’t really use the pole holders. The hatch is what did it for me. The between-the-legs cup holder is nice too - I use it to hold my…uh. bait. Yeah. Bait.