New Downton Abbey movie in 2022 - Robert Crawley

The teaser trailer gives us some idea of what the new movie is about; The family is going on holiday. (And I expect them to come up with some reason to bring along most of the household staff, though I wouldn’t expect that in reality.)

And I’m a little surprised that Maggie Smith is still in it. I thought she wanted out.

Chris Pratt got in great shape and lost a lot of weight for Jurassic World (and/or Guardians of the Galaxy). Well, then a new season of Parks and Rec began.

I absolutely loved how his character explained it:

“Oh, the weight? Yeah, I just stopped drinking beer.”
“Wait, you just… but you’ve lost a ton of weight!”
“Well, turns out I was drinking a lot of beer!” [shrug]

I saw her quoted as saying the character would be ridiculously old if they developed the story through time. Perhaps they’ve stopped the clock for this holiday.

I find the whole idea a kind of thief of life. That people should waste hours huddled around a wooden box listening to someone talking at them, burbling inanities from somewhere else.

As opposed to one’s relatives burbling the inanities one’s heard so many times before. I wonder at our ancestors’ patience and tolerance.

They are not going to do that. The family is incredibly liberal with regards to race in earlier seasons, whereas if it was real aristocracy, who to this day are incredibly racist, there will have been a mysterious accident out while “shooting” with the black fellow.

They have in effect 2000’s liberalism towards race, from an era when that really didn’t exist in the upper classes.

Similarly, they’re far more tolerant and friendly towards the household staff than people would have been in that era. Was there more of a separation between the family and the servants in Upstairs, Downstairs (I was too young to watch the original program)?

Probably. They probably only ever dealt with the butler, the grooms and maybe the head cook. Possibly just the butler, who dealt with the rest of them.

It really isn’t very authentic, and I think there would be a lot more firings by the butler to keep the staff on their toes.

The Crawleys might not flirt with fascism, but a lot of their friends & guests would. Plus, the British Union of Fascists initially looked to Italian Fascism which until 1938 lacked the antisemitism and biological racism of German Nazism. That being said you’re probably right about this not coming up given Sequel Goes Foreign being in effect (though fascists went on holiday too).

That’s certainly true; other than a single passing remark by His Lordship, they’re also much less anti-Catholic than most British aristos would’ve been back then. Julian Fellowes said in an interview a few years ago that the show can’t be completely accurate about the prejudices of the day, or everyone today would hate the characters and no one would watch the show.

Robert made several anti-Catholic remarks. At one point, he straight up proudly admits to being anti-Catholic. There might be less anti-Catholicism upstairs in Downton Abbey than is historically accurate, but Robert never hesitated making it known where he stood on the matter.

I just remember the one. Clearly he wasn’t crazy about his youngest daughter dating and then marrying an Irish Catholic fella, though.

Yeah, but the difference versus reality is that the Irish Catholic fella would have disappeared quietly one evening and never been seen again.