New evidence against an historical Jesus

Stwike him, Centuwion!

“God set this up as a test of faith.”

Sounds like a wacky Conspiracy Theory to me. Just because it’s an anti-Christian and/or atheistic wacky Conspiracy Theory doesn’t mean I’m buying it without the proverbial extraordinary evidence.

Don’t think for a second that you got away with that.

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Even though, sadly, that thread was closed, this completely made up for it. Thanks tomndebb. :smiley:

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Auction it. There’s a sucker born every minute. In fact, there’s a Messiah born every minute, not that there’s any difference; there ain’t.

The more respectable Jesus-myth types tend to scoff at Atwill.

I have said it other places on the board, even without a supposed additional historical document there are plenty of reasons to conclude that Jesus is, at least potentially, literary.

When you strip out of the Gospels all of the stories and sermons the can be shown to be related to other earlier works and traditions, when you remove accounts that are form critically non-biographical, there is basically nothing left of a historical account. If a real first century Jew was at the heart of Christianity then the one thing we can know about him is that, using our current documents, we can know absolutely nothing about him at all.

That does not mean he can be shown to definitely not to exist, but there are certainly plausible ways that the writings could have arisen without requiring a historical figure.

But I also have to agree with the consensus of the thread. The document is likely nothing, or a forgery. You see stunts like this an awful lot. These were a big buzz about a year ago, but were promptly shown to be fakes. Anything for a quick buck, it seems. Holy relics are big business.

Exactly. If he is onto something it will come out in the wash, but expect more of the same.

Best evidence WRT Jesus is here. Spoiler: His agenda was political, not spiritual.

How can a Muslim write about Jesus?

So Romans invent Jesus to control the Jews and instead they convert the Roman Empire and lots of Europe. That’s got to be the biggest plan backfire ever.

I’ve always wondered if Paul was a mole.
I mean, a persecutor suddenly has a ‘vision’ on some remote road and starts re-writing christianity. Right! Bit suspicious, innit?

Possibly there were more agents ‘working the Jews’.
Or working on the Real-Early-Christians, a violent messianic movement, that successfuly got subverted to a meek movement, by the Roman Secret Service.

Fun how this musing might be, I think it unlikely to the extreme that any writing, documenting the ruse, would have survived since the 1st century.

This name is ascribed to a real person by the name of Jmmanuel who was the 5th prophet out of a series of 7 and before Mohammed and Billy Meier who was fathered by an extraterrestrial person by the name of Gabriel.

Quote “However, it indicated that his original name was not Jesus, but had been Immanuel” unquote.

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That document is a silly, hate-filled fraud, and the man who “discovered” it is a lying loony.

Oh here we go again all that without a shred of proof or evidence to back up your claim against Billy Meier

Jesus is a fictional character created by the pharisees who inserted this erroneous term to the bible and wrongly attributed this name to a real person known as Jmmanuel

The headline on that article is pretty misleading. We go from


So I guess that means, elucidator, that there is no document.