New Rule about Thread Titles when Pitting Other Posters

Since believing people of different races should be treated equally is considered racist these days, it’s really more likely than not. :upside_down_face:

Let’s keep politics out of this thread as much as possible, and keep it focused on the new policy. I don’t want to see a hijack here about what constitutes “being against racism.”

Okay. I think it’s a good change, anyway. It wasnt really consistent with the rules to have those links regularly popping up accusing posters of being a troll or whatever.

Thanks for going through them all and making the changes.

Trolls R Us → Who’s that tripping over my bridge?


Another reason that I approve this rule change is that it makes the SDMB a bit more safe for work.

A bit less profanity in the title bars and tabs is welcome.