New stuff at Disneyland?

No, no, no. The evil Mr. Eisner has been gone for what, two years now? And his once commanding percentage of Disney stock was utterly eclipsed when Steve Jobs’ Pixar stock converted to Disney shares. While some of his managers are still there, IMO they will be gone when their contracts come up for renewal, unless they start marching to John Lassiter’s drumbeat.

Anyways, ArchiveGuy, have a good time! I wish I could go, too!

Ahhh – I’d forgotten they called themselves that.
Although, to a Poeophile, The Haunted Palace of Edgar suggests itself.

Thanks–that’s good advice.

(checking website) Damn! $66. That Haunted Mansion better be worth it! :stuck_out_tongue: Although the park doesn’t open until 10am the day I’m going so… :frowning:

Btw, anyone know anything about the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters? Is that just like lazer tag? I’ve never heard of Gadget’s Go-Coaster either (though, as someone who hates Space Mtn, it’s probably more my pace).

Dunno if it’s like the one at Disneyworld, but here it’s sort of like lazer tag, but you’re sitting in a moving cart like other Disney moving-cart rides and shooting at targets rather than other people. I like it for its fabulous day-glo artwork moreso than for its interactive component.

Well you’re supposed to shoot at targets. I turn the car around and shoot the people behind me, which delights the children and annoys their parents.

Yeah, it’s pretty much like the one at Disney World. Look for the hidden target on Zurg’s sternum to rack up the points.

It’ll be more than a week 'til I close out my holiday there, but since I’ll be leaving in a few days, I’m giving this a final bump.