NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 1)

I believe this was the yarn featuring “Cash Cab” host Ben Bailey as the stand-in for the police officer responsible for Floyd’s death. Being insane apparently won’t get you even lightly censured by the GOP these days.

Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl, for starters. I suppose we could include Alex Jones and Infowars, but they’re more institutional.

OTOH, Not the Onion::

J. Edgar lives!

Didn’t some “citizen investigators” in GA just get charged with murder?

Oddly, I’m only finding this story in UK sources. C’mon, Don Jr., the American MSM are tough! They can take it!

There are no words…

Wait! You’re missing the point! Don Jr. wrote:

Let’s get a movement going to replace any statue torn down during these riots with a new and more sturdy statue of [@realDonaldTrump].The nonsense would stop instantly.

See? He knows his dad is even more unpopular than Confederate generals, so if protesters know the statues they tear down will be replaced by Trump, they’ll reconsider.

And we all thought Don Jr. was an idiot!

You’re right. (ThelmaLou sheepishly hangs head) I didn’t read the whole thing. I’m a rumor-monger.

OTOH, I believe Don Jr. has opened a can of worms here. (That is the last time I will use that expression today.) I believe the trumpniks WOULD like to put up statues to His Orangeness. Maybe even rename a few states.

We already have a Trump statue to put up - Warning, requires eye bleach.

Tom Cotton says the racist parts out loud. Wyoming deserves to be a state because its citizens contribute to society, while the citizens of DC do not deserve to be a state because they don’t contribute.

Wow. If widespread freeloading off the labor of others were a disqualifier, about ten colonies and territories would never have become states (MI, AL, GA, SC…)

Another stoopid Texan! WTF is the matter with this guy??

Source (scroll down)

Heartstong. Mindweak.

And I doubt anyone in Republican circles much cares, Clay is in a very blue district and averages 70% of the votes the last few general elections, so Heartstrong’s chances are virtually nil.

Press on.

Well of course the current administration thinks there is foreign influence driving the Black Lives Matter movement. After all, Trump himself believes Black congresspersons are foreigners and “should go back to where they came from”.

Nah, I think it’s more a matter of projection, projection, projection. After all, they’re being influenced by a foreign power. Ergo, everyone else must be too.

Oh look, more stupid news out of my home state. :unamused:

I still can’t believe that I’m related to Dan Forest…I occasionally have conversations with an out-of-state relative on that side of the family who just can’t believe that I refuse to vote for the guy. (This relative is a Democrat, by the way…)

I have relatives that, well, it seems amazing that my parents were able to raise children that were no so dreadfully fucked up. I recall hearing one of them touting how she drove around in a predominately Jewish neighborhood blaring xtian music in an effort to convert those poor sad Hebrews to the correct way of thinking.

That’s what I think, too. Plus he’s trying to set up a narrative to claim foreign influences helped Democrats in 2020 and the election is therefore invalid and he is still “president”. (For life.)

I can only imagine how worse it will get leading up to the election. (its difficult to access this board, I can only do it at library so anyone who wants to catch up e mail me please)


I wonder, if an account is clearly identifiable as parody or satire, how do slander/libel/defamation-of-character laws apply? Clearly an account called “Devin Nunes Cow” is not intended to be taken seriously. How dirty can one get under the umbrella of “I’m lying about who I am to begin with”?