NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

Religions are well known for their strong stance again misogyny. :roll_eyes:

(irony follows…)
Only a fuckin pussy would fear that.

The Alabama Secretary of State has withdrawn from the Senate race.

(Note - “Daily Beast” quote, not direct from Rick)

Perhaps there are binders of women out the supporting Gaetz. I’m sure the binders will be released in about two weeks.

Oh good, what could go wrong.

Ah. Didn’t know that. Takes him down a lot in my book. Thanks, ignorance fought.

"Long known as the rock ‘n roll’s uncle whom you wouldn’t want to be stuck next to at the Thanksgiving table, the guitar legend and borderline right-wing extremist hit the conspiracy-friendly forum of Facebook Live (and originally transcribed by Blabbermouth) yesterday to ponder one of the hardest questions for those who don’t have a basic knowledge of science or recent etymology: “Why were there no shutdowns for COVID-1 through -18?” And some other rants.

Of course, the factual answer to that question is that there never was a COVID-1, COVID-18, or any other COVID-number before, because the “19” in COVID-19 stands for the year (2019) in which it was discovered.

The Nuge isn’t the first conservative moron to be that stupid:

Kellyanne Conway talking out her ass

That’s what they want you to think!

Ted’s a little late to the party, isn’t he? This is something that Stupid Republicans (like Kellyanne) were saying a year ago.

He only just recently started working on cleaning the shit out of his pants.

Probably caused by COVID-2.


Yeah, I remember hearing about that. I was just mixing your comment with the idea of missing COVIDs in order to make a cheap number 2 bathroom joke.


(I got it, Steve.)


Huh, I did not know that. Ignorance fought.

Borderline personality disorder?

I believe it means the border between right-wing extremist and Norman Bates.