NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

My guess is that these people think “logic” has run its course and it’s time to try something else.

But that just goes to prove how super magnetic the vaccine makes you. It makes you so magnetic that even non ferromagnetic metals stick to you.

That’s just what Big Pharma WANTS you to believe.

Besides. Fuckin’ Magnets; How do they work?

I’ll stop you there

Adherents of The Wall worry not!

Everyone’s hands-down favourite guv Greg Abbot, taking the inflated ILLEGAL ALIEN CRISIS in stride, wants a wall on the border.
So, when it stops, I’m presuming, at New Mexico, do all the dealers and rapists just walk around the end of the wall, then?

Right on cue it seems, another “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” moment.

Hey, your “business friendly” Texas paradise has us working harder for stagnating compensation

Long pause…

Hey, look! Look! Look over there! Drug dealin’ rapists are a comin’ across the border!

The beat goes on.

In December, Oregon state representative Mike Nearman opened a locked door in the state Capitol in order to allow armed insurrectionists to enter the building during a special session. Earlier that month, he was filmed giving a message to insurrectionists that he would totally never let them into the Capitol, but if they texted a phone number that might be his and waited by a certain door, someone might hypothetically open that door and let them in.

Last night, he was expelled from the state legislature in a nearly unanimous vote (the only dissenting vote was from Nearman himself), the first time anyone has been expelled from the legislature in Oregon history.

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but wouldn’t that be a good Republican idea for the day, by providing (sure, surprising) bipartisan support?

Wow, Oregon - didn’t know ya had it in ya.


I am surprised by the unanimity. I guess being personally threatened can concentrate the mind wonderfully.

Pelosi and Schumer should have thrown together the commission vote for Jan 7 - probably would have passed then.

Here’s a hysterically funny WaPo editorial, my apologies for the paywall but it’s exclusive content.

Fox criticizes people (and AOC by name) for not wanting to have children, calling them children who never grew up.

The state Bar of Georgia ordered Lin Wood to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to see if he should keep his right to practice law. He sued. He just lost.

Crazy Looie Gohmert demanded to know why the FBI director isn’t calling the attack on the Capitol peaceful.

Newsmax, noted enemy of “cancel culture”, is demanding that a high school student in Virginia be prosecuted for saying 'Allah" instead of “God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

They’d hate me. I drop the phrase entirely.

I refuse the entire pledge. Luckily, these days I rarely encounter anyone trying to do it.

I already pledged allegiance to the flag and the Republic. It will not be appropriate for me to do so again unless I renounce my pledge in the future (and then change my mind). So I skip the whole thing.

Quote is from Smapti’s link…

Well fuckin A.

Just the one time? We did it hundreds of times in grade school, though I do not ever remember doing after about 4th or 5th grade. I think they stopped making us recite as we got older because we were getting to the age that we would understand the words.

I never considered the possibility that a pledge would wear off. What a day I’ve had!