NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

MTF demands that a newborn baby be taken away from a trans couple because the trans man gave birth and the trans woman tried to breast feed.

While the BLM protests were going on, Florida passed a law making it illegal to block streets and highways during protests. Cubans in South Florida blocked streets in solidarity with the protesters in Cuba this week, and not a single person was arrested.

With the California governor recall taking place in two months, Caitlyn Jenner decided to leave the country and appear on Celebrity Big Brother in Australia. I guess she’s come to the realization that, despite her recent claim that she’s the leading Republican contender (though no poll says so), she isn’t going to win this clusterfuck.

“Iceberg, Goldberg - what’s the difference?”

They sank the Titanic with their 1900’s space death rays.

golf clap

Texas Senate votes not to teach mandatory classes about the civil rights movement, including MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech

Senator Todd Young of Indiana:
“President Biden’s failed border policies reach all the way to Indiana. In Fort Wayne, an illegal immigrant was arrested for attempting to sell a fully automatic handgun and evading police. More here:”
He then linked to a news article which says that the arrest occurred in 2020. Gee, who was President then?

Obviously, they not reach all the way north to Indiana, but back in time as well.
Which is why we should not strengthen the borders, but also stop flux capacitor generators.

Someone needs his diaper changed because the British Open isn’t at his golf course and also wants you to know that all the other golf courses are haters and losers.

That is pathetic. That’s not one of your trump parodies is it? I hope for dotard’s sake that it is.

Katie Hopkins, one of Individual 1’s favorite Brits, flew to Australia to appear (alongside Caitlyn Jenner) on Celebrity Big Brother. She said on social media that she was going to violate Australia’s lockdown rules by “lying in wait” for hotel workers to deliver food to her room so she could open the door “naked with no face mask”.
She’s been kicked off the show and deported from Australia.

being discussed here

Sadly, no.

When are these dolts going to add more irrefutable facts to their tweets like, “Women! Smoke and vacuum yourself thin!” :roll_eyes:

Despite Trump’s efforts, the Open was last at Turnberry in 2009, five years before he bought it. Clearly all the “great players, sportscasters, and golf aficionados” know something different about which courses are “greatest”.

Venues are already selected through 2024 (St Andrews, Royal Liverpool and Royal Troon for 2022-2024), but good luck getting Turnberry chosen for future Opens now, Donald.

Is he really a “many-time Club Champion”?

Well, he’s championed hitting people with clubs. Many times.


tl;dr: They make worst-case scenarios out of liberal ideas, inflame fear in voters, and make liberals look like they’re hiding something when they try to deny something that never existed.