NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

The headline of that article is obviously incorrect. It says:
Trump won 0 of the 18 golf championships he claims he has, book says.

That should be 20 not 18. Which means he won two more than all the games he played. Now THAT’S what we call golfing! Or lying… take your pick. He excels at one of them. :roll_eyes:

I think that Turnberry has been removed from consideration for future Opens. From an article: In a brief statement, R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers said that he won’t bring The Open back to Trump-owned Turnberry “in the foreseeable future.”

I’d assume that’s subject to change if Turnberry changes owners. Wouldn’t that be delicious, especially if it’s part of a fire sale of assets because of hefty taxes and fines?

Look, when your stroke count is twice as high as the next player, they give you two trophies. Everyone knows this is how golf works!

Always a fun rewatch.

“I used to be into sports. Then I realized I could buy trophies.”

“And Time Magazine covers.”

Michigan Man of the Year

“and hookers who pretend to like me”

Here’s my congressman. I guess republicans are pro-fentanyl now.

The Twitter account quoted there is run by new (as of this June) Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington—she is basically just posting whatever Trump wants, as a way of getting around his Twitter permaban.

Some on Twitter are wondering why Twitter is permitting this:

This by factchecker Daniel Dale provides some details of the lies told (on Twitter and elsewhere) by Harrington:

Harrington, before becoming Trump’s new mouthpiece, had been an official at the RNC (natch).

Kevin McQarthy has appointed noted insurrectionist Gym Jordan to the January 6 committee.

Oh good, they needed someone shouty and not-listeny on board!

Doesn’t Pelosi have final approval of McCarthy’s selections?

ETA: Ah, here we go. From that CNN link:

Indeed, one of Pelosi’s picks was Liz Cheney.

Margarine Failure Groan has earned herself a 12-hour Twitter ban for trying to make people die of covid.

And their silence afterwards. For a while.

Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday he was preparing to take action to restrict transition-related medical care for transgender minors in Texas after legislation to do so failed during the regular session.

“I have another way of achieving the exact same thing, and it’s about a finished product as we speak right now and may be announced as soon as this week,” Abbott said during a radio interview. He did not provide further details.

So it’s okay for the gummint to get all up in a woman’s uterus, or a kid’s very personal exploration of their fundamental sexuality, but God forbid the IRS should be permitted to enforce its own regulations. Sex? Yeah, the state has plenty to say about that! Money? Back off! See below.

Sometimes I suspect that every tactic Republican legislators employ is mostly to provide cover for their First Priority: keeping those tax rates ridiculously low.

For the wealthy. Not for the rest of us. That does seem to be the most important thing.