NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

Your math seems off.

2020 was a long year.

563 days in a year, times 2, plus…

He’s using alternative math. It’s just as valid, since the Republican party has taught us that facts are just opinions.

How soon we all forget. Pelosi was also Speaker for four years starting in January 2007.

McQarthy’s game here is pretty obvious, but shrewd nonetheless:

  1. Nominate Jordan, knowing Pelosi will veto him.
  2. Discredit the results of the investigation as a partisan witchhunt – after all, they kept Republicans off the committee!

My ability to type seems off.

1464 days.

That’s 4 years.

I think it should be more like 930.

Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of House on January 4, 2007. She held the post until January 3, 2011. That’s 1460 days.

She became Speaker again on January 3, 2019. On January 6, 2021, her current term had lasted 734 days.

That’s a total of 2194 days.

I took the dates from Wiki. My math calculations were performed by Excel.

Correct. I had absent-mindedly been calculating from 2017 instead of 2019.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who had that automatically pop into their head.

In fact, forget the investigation.

and the blackjack.

Actually he may be using it correctly. As part of holding off a revolt from the left in 2019, Pelosi agreed to step aside as speaker in 2022. So she could be considered a lame duck. This of course doesn’t prevent McCarthy from being an asshat.

Nothing can prevent McCarthy from being an asshat.

It’s his one true skill.

But in the context of Q-boy’s speech, given that maybe 0.0003% of his audience remembered the thing about Pelosi saying she’d step aside, his remark came across as just another generic insult, dredged out of the Big Giant Cauldron of Republican Swears & Slights.

The Governor of Missouri blames George Soros for the reporting of the covid spike in his state.

Individual 1’s former doctor now Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson wants the media to ask all the Democrats in Congress if they’re vaccinated. It’s already been reported that 100% of Democrats are, in fact, vaccinated.

(When I first read this headline, “depose” said to me: “remove from office.” But this means have her give a deposition-- in case someone else does the same doubletake.)

InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones could finally face legal consequences over his claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was a false flag, with multiple civil cases filed by relatives of the victims set for trial in the spring of 2022.

“The defendants in this case believe that this suit was filed six years after the shootings at Sandy Hook as part of a vendetta inspired, orchestrated and directed in whole or in part by Hillary Clinton as part of a vendetta to silence Alex Jones after Ms. Clinton lost the presidential race to Donald J. Trump,” the motion reads. “The litigation is brought and pursued in bad faith as part of a partisan effort to silence Mr. Jones for reasons wholly independent of the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims.”

The fight over Clinton’s deposition centers over a July 1 deposition Jones’ lawyers took of one of the Sandy Hook plaintiffs. …

“At least one plaintiff has refused to answer how so many of the clients all ended up represented by the same firm,” the motion from Jones’ lawyers reads. “The witness claimed not to know how her legal fees were being paid.”

As further evidence of Clinton’s potential involvement in the case, Jones’ lawyers point to one of the Sandy Hook relatives speaking at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and being “praised” by Clinton. No other proof that Clinton is involved in the Sandy Hook lawsuits has been offered.

For True Believers, no further proof is necessary.

I guess the next step is to say that Hillary is responsible for COVID. I don’t know why that hasn’t happened yet.

Hilary fake shot all the kids and then she took them to the pizza parlor pedophile basement.

That’s where they get all the baby blood the democrats drink.

My favorite thing the President has said lately. From here:

THE PRESIDENT: I’m the Democratic Party; I am President. So is the Speaker of the House and so is the –- the Majority Leader. We are not the defunding the police.

Q Okay. And are there people who — in the Democratic Party, who want to defund the police?

THE PRESIDENT: Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there! That beats “missed me” by a mile!

That’s a helluva mic drop.