NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

I hear the bamboo paper ballots form CHY-na are impregnated with Omega COVID. That’s like, the last Greek letter!

There has been a video that’s shown up on my Facebook feed lately, supposedly showing “the White House” cutting off a Biden speech in mid-sentence. I didn’t bother to watch it, so I have no idea what it actually shows, if anything, or why he was supposedly cut off.

But I suspect that “White House cuts Biden off in mid-speech” is the latest thing going around right wing social media, and that this is what the senator was referring to.

They even have a Senator (Q-Idaho) asking A. Blinken about it.

That’s the story that I was responding to.

I wish Blinken had suggested that if the Republicans had such a feature from 2016 to 2020, they might still be in power today

And it causes ED, too.

Because they’re insanely invested in the “Biden has advanced dementia” narrative, and this “proves” it.

Which had absolutely nothing to do with the topic under discussion. Shouldn’t there be such a thing as “Contempt of Senate”?

The absurd notion of cutting off the President’s speaking ability reminds me of an exchange in a novel I read once. Paraphrased from memory.
Assistant to President: There’s a speaking capability in the corner, sir. [Indicating a lectern with microphone]
President: Son, I was born with a speaking capability.

“They” have already touted Oleander as a cure. Oleander and COVID-19: Get the Facts | South Shore Health

Plus, if it were possible to add a “mute button” on the President, someone would have worn it out within days of Trump being elected!

If ever there was a president that needed a mute button, it was him.

They might have used it in that travesty of a debate where Biden told him to shut up.

I think that was the moment when Biden won the election. The “We’re so sick of your stupid shit” tone of voice just perfectly captured the feelings of so many, many people.

‘Just shut up, man.’


Although I generally approve of Wikipedia’s approach that the wide dispersal of information is a net good for humanity, I am concerned that this particular page will be treated by the less enlightened among us as a checklist of things to try if they get covid.

Now they are trying oleander. Lucky for them Nature has thousands of toxic substances they can play with.

I hear Wolfsbane might help :laughing:
All natural and it’s sure to kill SOMETHING.

“Hold my beer”

I just came from the Covidiot thread with a similar post only I called it the Soros virus.

I heard from some guy at the bar that “Soros” is just Jewish for “CHY-na”.

leave it to dipshit risch from my state :unamused: congress critter for the 3rd caliphate of the american taliban