NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

Nah, I’m pretty sure they’re against pre-natal care as well.

Well, at least against paying for it.

The point being that they’re pro-fetus, but once that kid is born they’re on their own – and so are their parents.

My point is, you can’t even really call them “pro-fetus”. They care not a whit for the health of a fetus, unless someone is trying to abort it.

Good point – I won’t disagree.

MTG has introduced a resolution to award Kyle Rittenhouse with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Lara Trump says that the fact that the price of turkeys is going up is proof that liberals want to destroy Thanksgiving.

Why anyone gives these people airtime is beyond me.

Rightly or wrongly, the Daily Beast gets paid to give these people airtime. Don’t blame the player; blame the game.

I’m trying to remember the last time we had to spend real money to get a turkey at Thanksgiving. Store turkey promotions have been a thing since before your dad lost his hair Lara.
I’m quite certain Lara Trump has never seen a store loyalty card let alone used one.

Hell, the store I work at does a promo every year the two weeks before Thanksgiving where a Jennie-O turkey is free with a $100 purchase. Unless you’re buying a fresh turkey or a kosher-slaughtered turkey or some other bespoke bird, it’s almost impossible to spend more than $20 on one of the things this time of year.

Lara’s beliefs about what life is like for the poors is a real world version of this meme;

Since there’s zero chance of this actually passing the House, can we label this as the obvious “virtue* signaling” it obviously is? This resolution serves no purpose beyond telling her followers that she’s one of them.

*For sufficiently depraved values of “virtue”

Lauren Boebert claimed yesterday that she was in an elevator in the Capitol building with Ilhan Omar when a police officer ran in saying they were scared of Omar.
“Well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine,” Boebert recalled telling the cop—before calling her colleague a member of the “jihad squad” because she is Muslim.

Omar says it never happened, and asked Pelosi to censure Boebert.

Surprisingly, Boebert has apologized.

Never a real apology. Standard GQP procedure to say the real thing out loud [for the benefit of troglodyte followers] and then mealy-mouth an apology; or say they were misquoted/taken out of context/deny saying.

Nothing short of lightning bolts to the head (or Jewish Space Lasers) will modify their behavior.

Lesson learned: Do not find yourself in a room, an elevator, a car, or anywhere alone with Boebert. This applies to everyone.

Republicans gonna bigot. I’ll note the loud chorus of Republican voices denouncing this. What’s that? What I hear is just a single cricket chirping? Right, Republicans, following their prioities, are criticizing Big Fucking Bird for getting a covid vaccination.
Should any Republican happen to read these words: Go fuck yourself.

Democratic members of Congress should probably star wearing body cams. Put some of this shit on YouTube.

All reasonable responses.

And what a disconnect with what we get from CNN and MSNBC all day, every day—about how nearly-certain it is that voters will turn out in droves to give the House (and possibly Senate) to Republicans, this time next year…because everyone loves the attacks on Big Bird and racist shit the GOP are spewing!

Just for the hell of it, is there a link to the text of this waste of time?