News on a much-debated topic: Do wolves kill people?

Did we ever get an answer to how many fatalities?

No, the article has a rather large chart with a list by decade, and a line within each decade for each attack (fatality?). If I get bored I may go tally it all up, but I’m not sure when. It goes back to pre-1700s.

It was twelve since 2000. Twelve. It’s in my first post.

No it wasn’t.

Twelve attacks that caused fatalities. There were something like 20 total fatalities.

You’re missing a key word there.

You are correct. This has been pointed out before in post 35:

Why people STILL need to be spoon fed this much discussed factoid is beyond me, as the question was settled three days ago.

Actually since 2000 there have been 21. You missed the chick from the 2010 section.

It took me all of 2 minutes to count the number of people and read the entire contents of the 2010 chart and 2000 chart.

I guess some people would rather spend a day and a half bitching about they don’t have the time to go reading articles than actually spend two minutes to actually read the article.

I read somewhere there was also a tradition in Europe of feeding criminals/undesirables to the wolves, which created the wolf populations there patterns of predation not experienced in NA.

As I said, the label of the chart was off the screen, so I didn’t know that it WAS a chart of fatalities. If I had, that would have made a big difference. I scrolled to the top of the article and saw it was about wolf attacks, and made a quick, casual question that I assumed the person would be able to parrot back quickly.

Here’s what current pop-culture has to say on this issue. (links to trailer for Liam Neeson’s new movie).