Newsweek cover trashing Obama - Is this how a national news magazine should present news?

Why all the criticism? Can anyone prove that the article is factually incorrect?

Yes. Google it.

Not much of a bash IMHO. It’s an opinion piece correct? And that’s even emphasized by sticking Niall Ferguson’s name right on the cover.
Have you seen Rolling Stone covers over the past decade? This is rather mild in comparison.

I think the point is that a news magazine ought not to criticize the President.

Actually I don’t think that at all - the point is that no one should criticize Obama, but let’s pretend otherwise.


This will get you started.

There’s more out there. As Marley stated, just google it.

It’s ok to criticism the President for not standing up to the Republicans enough.

It’s OK to criticize Obama as long as you make it clear that the Republican is worse. The cardinal sin is not to say “Obama hasn’t kept his promises”, it’s saying that Romney is the better candidate.


That’s not a cardinal sin, that’s delusional.

After seeing this cover and the “Wimp” cover for Romney, I now know that the world will never have a shortage of toilet paper as long as Newsweek is in print.

I don’t agree. Perhaps they aren’t as “progressive” as you like but they certainly aren’t Republican.

Same with me. I was a subscriber since 1975, but let mine expire when it stopped with news and went with commentary. It should have followed the lead of The Economist and covered stories you didn’t find easily, but it tried to be like all the commentary magazines out there.

It’s been done for me. Many times apparently.

I think that Newsweek was the magazine that featured “Fighting the Wimp Factor” on its cover with a picture of Bush Sr. when he was running for president and George Will called him a lap dog. Seriously? I was not fond of Bush Sr’s policies, but this was unfair by an standard of non-gonzo objective journalism. As for this cover, it seems okay as an opinion piece. As for the article itself, it is apparently filled with misstatements of fact.

I think the point is that if you’re going to have a cover story critical of the President of the United States, you should fact check it. Other publications managed to do it on behalf of Newsweek, so why couldn’t Newsweek do it, itself?

Guy who gets the point.

It’s an opinion piece.
I like the “A Million Dollars in of Hidden Treasure could be YOURS!” headline.

Kind of shows you how serious magazine it is.

In fairness, there are some fairly silly ads on this website as well.

Yeesh, I was expecting a lot worse. What on earth is shocking about that cover? Newsweek (and many other “news” magazines) have been running editorial pieces for a long time. Frankly, I thought the recent asparagus cover was more eyebrow-raising.

Newsweek presents itself as a source for analysis of the news and editorial opinions. So this is a fair cover subject.

What’s the issue? The graphs showing the national unemployment rates? Even Obama said that if unemployment exceeded 8%, he didn’t deserve re-election.
As for the chart showing China passing the USA…well, that is exaggeration.

Now if it had been Time magazine and they ran a cover of Obama breast feeding a three year old boy - that would have been going too far.