NFL 2020: Week 11

I was just thinking how much of a shame it was that Deshaun Watson is stuck on a team like the Texans. He’s clearly a very talented QB but he doesn’t have much help now, especially with Hopkins getting traded.

So, apparently Derek Carr may actually be a talented QB. Granted that he was playing against the Chiefs defense, but KC was lucky that there wasn’t more time on the clock at the end of the game, or Carr might have pulled it out.

I gotta give Taysom Hill credit: he’s not as bad as Tebow. His release is much quicker and he’s more accurate. He could do fine as a gimmicky “dont screw this up for us” fill in QB. But I’d be shocked if he ever develops into a starting caliber QB.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Saints deal with the racial/skill level issues surrounding picking Hill over Winston. I think they’ll be fine until Brees gets back, but declaring Hill their future QB would be a huge mistake.

The NFC East now looks like this:

Eagles 3-6-1
Giants 3-7
Washington 3-7
Cowboys 3-7

Every team is right in the thick of it.

Chiefs D looked very ordinary last night, much as it did against the Raiders in their first meeting.

Overall, however, the Chiefs defense is 15th in the league in yardage per game allowed, and 7th in points per game allowed.

Last year they were 17th and 7th. And they won the Super Bowl.

Well, it’s either disparage the Chief’s D (a KC tradition the last few years) or admit that the Raider’s are becoming a good team under Gruden (who for some reason I can’t really put my finger on I really don’t like).

Turns out Taysom Hill might just be a good QB! He was shaky at first, but very solid by the end of the game, both as a passer and runner. And this was just his very first start! If he gets better (or even just plays as well as he did in the 2nd half), he might well be a solid starting QB and the Saints long-term Brees replacement.

The Raiders (as much as I hate to admit it) are right now just one game out of the playoffs. They play only two more teams that have a winning record. A 10-6 or even 11-5 record is certainly within reach, either of which should put them in the playoffs.

And they might play KC in the first round.

Even if he’s only “okay” as a traditional QB, his ability to play well as a runner may give him an edge and make him a net positive. We’ve seen that template work well with Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. Between Hill and Kamara you might have a pretty fearsome running offense.

You’re missing the letters sh.

I’d say we’ve seen the template work in the short term certainly. Teams really have adjusted to the Ravens’ offense, and while he’s having a fine season, Lamar Jackson’s productivity has declined. With that defense (#3 scoring defense in the league), the Ravens certainly have a shot at the Super Bowl, but if that defense doesn’t hold well, I’m not convinced Jackson can carry that team. Although I do love me some defense and running game.

The Saints aren’t that far behind the Ravens (8th total scoring, giving up 3 more points a game than the Ravens), but Hill is no Lamar Jackson. I’d be shocked if Hill ever leads his team to the Super Bowl.

If you have watched the Eagles, they are 100% out of it, even if they are statistically “in it”

Hot take: Tom Brady kind of stinks now.

Yeah, the one game in 20 years I wanted him to win and he didn’t step up.

Me too, darn it… I’m a Seahawks fan and he could have kept Seattle at the #1 position in the NFC West, but that’s not happening now. The one time I need you Mr. Brady and you forgot what color your receivers wear!

(At least I think he was aware of what down it was throughout the game.)

Cowboys strength and conditioning coordinator Markus Paul, who played cornerback for the Bears and Bucs in the late '80s and early ‘90s, suffered a medical emergency while at the Cowboys facility this morning. After being initially treated by the Cowboys’ medical staff, he was then transported to a local hospital, where he’s undergoing tests.