NFL 2020: Wild Card Playoffs

Your guess is complete, unsupported nonsense.

Or they could end up like the rest of the country with mediocre teams. Be a fan of your own team, but there’s another team somewhere else that you also kind of like. I expect to see a bunch of Tampa Bay fans around New England soon, it seems they think Florida is just a warmer annex of New England anyway.

Astonishingly, all the haters at my office seem to have turned around and are now cheering for TB12 after the Patriots season actually ended. Now everyone is hating on Cam.

Boston is supposed to be a great sports town. This whole episode has me so confused.

Boston sports fans have a really bad reputation.

Really. I remember coming here in December 1990 or 1991 when the Patriots were horrible but the bar we were in was packed with fans decked out in jerseys cheering on a 1-14 team in the season finale, which they predictably lost.

14 years later when we moved here it was the year of the first WS win in 86 years and the depth of feeling just amazed me. Grown men in my office were on the verge of tears.

Day after the 2007 (2008?) super bowl the atmosphere in the office was positively funereal.

People are talking about sports every day all year round. All four sports whether the team is doing well or not.

I’ve lived here during a purple patch for sure. Lots of championships in all four sports. But I Moved here from Atlanta. When the Braves were winning pennant after pennant our corporate hospitality suite was empty half the time. Falcons went to the super bowl and our tennis team had a practice that day for which a bunch of folks actually showed up. My father in law was visiting from CHINA and he was more excited than half the locals. So maybe the contrast sold me.

But even compared to New York the level of year round engagement in pro sports is way higher in Boston.

The other place I’ve lived is Kansas City. The chiefs are a bloody religion there, I grant you. Just all-consuming during the NFL season. I was there during Marty-ball years, so they were always good, never great. But the passion was DEEP. The Royals had a lot less support, though.