NFL Week 1 2020

I really hate Fox’s fake fans. So unnecessary.

With the Washington Football Team, did the team itself decide to adopt that (interim?) name, or did the NFL, or did the broadcasters tell Washington they’d no longer say their team name? Is “Washington Football Team” now official?

It kind of cracks me up. It’s the Eagles vs the Football Team! I wouldn’t mind if they kept it.

Pretty sure the team decided that. They’re gonna pick a long term name after the season.

Poor Tom Brady.

Yes, that is now their official name (as of late July), and Dan Snyder said recently that, if fans liked it, they might stick with it long term (though I really can’t see that happening).

Thank heavens for DPI

Joe Buck just called Drew Brees “Brady.” So good to have him and Aikman back in my life…

My guess is Washington Football Team is a placeholder for negotiations for a D.C. stadium deal. And, the potential for D.C. statehood might mean using the Douglass name as another bargaining chip for a stadium deal.

And. I still think it was the best of a bad situation when Nike pulled their stunt. Better to have a placeholder for a year than a quickie switch to Washington Red-whatevers

I was just coming to post that in these crazy times, at least the Lions are still the Lions. After an un-Lion like 3 quarters, they returned to normal, concluding by dropping the winning score in the end zone with 30 seconds left.

Go Burrow!!!

Oh wow what a shit sandwich for the bungles.

Bengals gotta Bengal.

Lions gotta Lions.

Oh wow, they just piped in fake boos from a fake crowd when a TD call got reversed in the Saints-Bucs game.

I don’t know why but that seems even more ridiculous. Filling a stadium with fake crowd background noise and fake cheers is a little silly, but someone sitting there with a soundboard figuring out when to boo seems more absurd somehow.

So I expected the Ravens to beat the Browns. The Browns with a new coaching staff installing a new system with a weird offseason with no preseason playing one of the best teams in the league with continuity in their stadium - recipe for an obvious loss. But it was uglier than I expected.

I can’t tell if OBJ is having a multi-year poutfest or what. He was hurt all last year and I thought that’s all it was, but I can’t tell now if he’s just not trying or what. They tried to force the ball to him like 5 times in a row, and I wonder if that’s the coach trying to get involved instead of pouting, but he’s definitely not an asset to the team at this point.

Baker might suck, it’s hard to say. He’s had 4 coaches and offensive coordinators in 3 years. But his tendency to throw high and late looked today like it looked last year.

New O-line is very good at run blocking. Chubb and Hunt are an amazing combo. If the Browns can keep from being blown out, they’re gonna run it down some people’s throats this year.

I think Thursday against the Bengals are a much bigger test. I expected them to get manhandled by the rats but if they can’t at least make it a very good game against the Bengals that’d be a very bad sign.

I’ve been a DC fan for 50 years, and I’d be happy if they just kept this name. It’s kind of silly, but it’s also growing on me to say THE Football Team.

That Lions - Bears game was a real turd. Just two incompetent teams doing their best to out suck each other. In that regard, the Lions have the edge I suppose.

Not looking very optimistic for Trubisky Year 4 either. Making the same mistakes and missing the same throws, only to sneak one or two gems in there just to keep Nagy and company’s hopes up. The defense was pretty uninspired too. We lucked out on that second to last play where Swift went full-Lions but the fact they got into that position is a major indictment of this defense’s situational awareness. For some reason the pass rush was pretty dismal all game to boot, that is a major red flag. The Lions were really, really shorthanded this game. No Golladay, no Chandler Jones for most of it, and for almost the entire second half we were facing nothing but backups in the secondary and we didn’t exactly exploit that very well. We should have rolled these guys.

Well, they don’t put pictures in the win-loss columns, so we’ll take it.

I can already tell I’m going to be real sick of sports betting ads this season. It’s not as bad (yet) as that crazy season with the non stop one day fantasy ads. However, the dominance of fantasy and gambling definitely influences the coverage of the sport

One thing that’s changed this year is that sports gambling is now legal here in Illinois, so we’re getting flooded with ads for not just the daily fantasy stuff, but actual sports bets.

Yup. I have no problem with gambling but the ads are just unbelievable. Makes me want the Geico and Papa Johns ads back