NFL Weekly Fantasy Sports general discussion (draftkings, fanduel, yahoo)

Head to head and 50/50 contests are where you get your consistent ROI, if you’re any good anyway. The big prize pool contests are nice when you put together a terrific lineup, but otherwise you’re either out of the money or get a small win.

Yeah, I think I’ll invest in mostly double ups with a few $10 million entries thrown in there if there’s still an overlay.

Does anyone know any good analytics sites for DFS?

I haven’t watched all week, but do player contract values change, either with news or with the buying habits of the users? Or are they fixed, so everyone is on a level playing field? Does this vary based on site?

It seems like the level playing field method would make more sense, but then there’s no reason to file a team until as late in the week as you can manage as the injury picture becomes more clear.

Rotogrinders has some good analytics for DFS. As for salaries, DK fixes them on Monday, I believe. If they were like stock prices you’d know who everyone was buying and could play the contrarian for cheaper, which would be an advantage.

On yahoo, defenses range from $10 (minimum) to $14 (the best), which seems like not nearly enough difference. I wonder if they separate more in later rankings during the year. Are the other sites similar?

Who are you invested in heavily this week? I like
Palmer 34 Foles 29
Ingram 26 Woodhead 16 Sankey 16
Hopkins 26 Cook 24 Marshall 24 J Brown 19 S Johnson 15
Tight ends who knows
Dolphins D 15

Defenses aren’t typically separated by much. Not nearly as much as position players.

I was all in on Drew Brees against a Tampa Bay team that a rookie lit up last week. So that game sucked. I had a Palmer in 1 or 2 contests on DK, but not enough. Unless Chris Ivory scores a couple TDs tonight, I’m going to lose money this week.

Yahoo lowered their million guaranteed to 750k, so they didn’t hit their targeted growth.

There’s a scandal where someone on draftkings used insider data to win a lot of money on fanduel - presumably by making contradictory teams.

I’ve been too busy to put some thought into it since week 1, although I’ll probably do it again tomorrow.

Anyone entering the big Sunday tourneys should probably be aware of the ownership percentages from Fanduel’s Thursday-Monday tournament. Basically you want to do what the insider trading dude from DraftKings is accused of doing, which is to go out of your way to pick players who are owned by a smaller percentage of teams. The numbers will be a little less accurate, but still a very good indication of which way the public is going.

Here’s one such report for this weekend.

Well Nevada officially declared DFS to be gambling and banned people from playing it, unless a Nevada casino wants to create their own options. I wasn’t able to submit a roster for yahoo. I could using proxies and all that, but then I’d probably limit myself to 50/50s, because I’m worried that if I hit a big payday on an open one I’d have legal difficulty cashing out.

Illinois attorney general, and potential gubernatorial candidate, Lisa Madigan declares DFS to be gambling in the state of Illinois.