NHL: January 2023

Bo Horvat to the Islanders as the Canucks try to fix their mess of a team.

Too bad to see him go.
Van. will be getting a good 20 y.o. Finn (Aatu Raty, 6’2") in return (along with 5-yr winger Anthony Beauvilier), but best of all a top 12 lottery-protected pick.
Would’ve preferred some defense cah-cha-cha, but maybe down the road.
Canucks are definitely going for a younger core - I just hope they won’t end up atrophying like other prospects have, there.

I’ll confess, I always thought he was a douchebag, but definitely a legend.

Not NHL per se, but good goalkeeping tips anyway.

ETA - no idea why it won’t play - just click on the @onthebenchcrew and it should be first tweet on top.