Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP

Right, right, sorry. I’m sure you know how it is, with the whole “nintendo iz kiddy LOLZ” and such. Personally, I prefer more simplistic gameplay, especially for portables. Epic, complex games fare better on consoles, where you have time to sit and immerse yourself, but with portables I like games to be quick to pick up and play. Even though the 3D looks quite good on the PSP and DS, I’m still skeptical about complex 3D graphics on tiny handheld screens.

The thing to consider here is the software announced so far for DS is steller. It’s being launched with a remake of super mario 64 with four player co-operative, an all new Waro-Ware game the has potential to ooze innovation utilizing the second screen, a beautifull metroid game (4 players) that looks darn close to Metroid Prime (gamecube), Animal Crossing (using the second screen for chat, among other things),a new side scrolling Mario(!!!), and a new Mario Kart to name a few. The emphasis on multiplay is exciting with wireless capability that notifies if if any other DS’s are in range.

PSP is trying to push power…which is unneceary for a handheld. Meanwhile DS is focusing on innovation and solid first party titles.

Nintendo are running a monopoly in the handheld market, as they have been for years. Any competition is good, if it will force Nintendo to innovate. Take a look at the Gameboy Advance.

With the SNES, Nintendo released Mario All-Stars - containing all the NES Mario games. With the GBA, Nintendo has managed to release them individually as full priced games. Why the difference? The SNES had real competition, the GBA hasn’t had anything serious up against it. Nintendo happily rehashes games from years ago, releases things like Pokèmon Fire Red that don’t even pretend to utilize the GBA’s full power and then prides itself on creativity.

To make matters worse, they even managed to turn criticisms about the GBA not having a backlight into a whole new product. And at any rate, the GBA was only a forced response to SNK and Bandai encroaching on their market at the end of the ‘90s. Now the same thing is happening again – if Sony hadn’t come along with the PSP, we’d be playing on our GBA’s for years more.

How many more Mario remakes are we going to see?

Mario Sunshine 2 DS (with special connectivity with Gamecube 2 basically using the DS as a controller)
Super Mario Land: Yoshi’s Dual Screen Madness
Mario Tennis 11
Mario Golf 14
Super Mario 64 - 2: D$+
Super Mario Ultra Allstars with Virtual Boy goodness

Here are the hardware specs for the PSP

Sony’s PSP specs released

Here are the hardware specs for the Nintendo DS

I fail to see why the specs of a handheld are important. Nintendo hadn’t released the specs for a long time for that very reason…it’s not the point. As a poster mentioned earlier, complex 3d games on a handheld could get out of hand and miss the entire point of having a portable system. If you want to immerse yourself in the best technology has to offer why not play the latest console titles.

DS may not have as much ‘power’ as PSP, instead they are focusing on new and intresting gameplay…which is what the handheld market desperately needs.