Nintendo's worst mistakes

Yeah, SNES games will never be truly lost, while unavailable to those operating within the bounds of the law, the entire SNES library was put on ROMs for various emulators by the early 2000s and have passed hands on so many places on the internet even aggressive action by Nintendo would never be able to get them pulled down forever.

well I was talking about already installed on players but you have a point too

No as in the cartridges won’t eventually deteriorate, or no as in those games are available via some other means that aren’t the original cartridges? If it’s the latter, then yes, I’m aware of those, but have no particular interest in them.

I meant no as in there’s systems out there that play everything ever made if you’re not a purist

The Internet Archive is trying to archive a lot of old games for concerns like this–in some cases publishers have waived claims to long abandoned games, and for others the original companies are just non-existent. It’d be nice if major publishers would at least consider some sort of agreement to let them archive old games that have little to no chance of being monetized, while retaining rights to the characters etc in the game for other uses.

Wii and DS games, on the other hand, are going to be inaccessible before long, since they depend on proprietary hardware that can’t be fully emulated in software.

erm they already have ds emulators and for the 3ds they use systems with touch screens or use the hacked non-3d 3ds bio

But here’s one of the systems being reviewed its “middle of the road” there’s better ones out there it al comes down to how much ya wanna pay tho

Releasing a full classic library on modern hardware is an obvious gold mine that any company would go for…IF they have access to the full library. The big problem is that there are a ton of third party licenses involved with the NES and SNES, and every time a company tries to sell someone else’s property in any format requires a done deal, which costs money. So they’re going to have to renegotiate with Konami for all of their games (including the ones under the Ultra Games label), Capcom for all of their games, Namco for all of their games, Midway for all of their games, Broderbund for all of their games, etc…just way too much cost and hassle to be worth it.

You need only look at the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle to see what a massive roadblock licensing is. One classic that was good for its time (Final Fight), two forgettable money grabs (The King of Dragons, Captain Commando), one generally good but uneven grindfest (Knights of the Round), and two complete mysteries (Armored Warriors, Battle Circuit). The one that really stands out is Warriors of Fate, and Capcom was really lucky to get that one. None of the other truly great beat-'em-ups…Nemo, The Punisher, Aliens vs. Predator, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom, Dunegons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara…are here due to licensing problems. Heck, not even Warriors of Fate’s precursor, Dynasty Wars.

Nah. Even without emulation, those systems have been completely jailbroken, along with the Wii U and 3DS. There is no problem getting content running on those systems.

That said, while the emulation is not technically perfect, it is really good for all of those consoles, and only improving over time. The compatibility lists are quite high. It’s the newer non-Nintendo consoles that struggle, with imperfect emulation for PS3, worse for Xbox360, and barely any emulation for anything past that.

You can’t create a Wiimote or a touchscreen with software, though. I’ve seen DS emulators that let you use the mouse to click on the “touchscreen”, but it’s not the same experience.

No, but you can hook up a Wiimote to your PC (or use similar devices like a projection mouse). And you can play DS and 3DS games on your phone or tablet, or even with one of those drawing tablets you hook up to your PC.

Though personally I don’t bother. It’s not like that sort of thing is all that important. The one feature that sucks is trying to mimic gyro controls. But a mouse works just fine in place of a Wiimote, since a Wiimote is just a fancy mouse.

That’s only a solution for as long as functioning Wiimotes exist, though, unless you can figure out a way to build one on your own. Granted, there are surely plenty of Wiimotes still out there right now, but that may not be the case in 30-40 years.

See my edited post. It’s not like Wii motes are the only pointing mice out there, if you really must have one that you point at your screen instead of move on a table.

Generic wiimote knock offs have been around forever.

I’m sure as long as people will buy them, someone will make them.

Well, that’s reassuring.